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8th REHVA World Congress Clima 2005 Lausanne, 9-12 October 2005
“Experience the Future of Building Technologies”

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International Professionals for Building Technology meet at the Lake of Geneva

Switzerland is hosting the prestigious international REHVA Congress, which takes place every four years, for the first time. From October 9-12, 2005, beautiful Lausanne will be the hub of the world – featuring promising building technology for sustainable building construction.  The Congress deals with scientific trends and practical developments in heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing and ventilation technologies, also discussing the import of and the implications of these trends for architecture and politics.

Plenary and short presentations and poster sessions are organized under the following headings:
New Trends in Building Technology
Simulation-based Engineering
Sustainable Building Construction

The Congress provides an unrivalled international platform for the experts in research, education and industry to exchange knowledge and experience.

contemporary Online-Registration for individuals and Groups
The registration for the congress is online on the homepage ( for individuals and groups and for the congress ticket (4 days) or single day tickets. Reservations for different hotels and standards in Lausanne can officially be made on the same registration.  Groups (companies, society organisations or private groups) can get a discount up to 20% and students (only with valid ID) can order tickets for an affordable reduced price.

300 International Speakers from Europe, North America and Asia
The speakers satisfy the high standards applied by the selecting committee in close cooperation with the North American partner ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers), and the European REHVA (Federation of European Heating and Air-Conditioning Associations).
Of the 300 speakers 170 are European, 60 North American (mainly USA) und 70 Asian (primarily China).

The variety of backgrounds offers an inspiring range of contributions and represents a further step in the globalization of building technologies.


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