May 2005
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VICTORIA CANADA - Power Measurement announced the latest innovation in enterprise energy management: the IONŽ EEM PQ module. Available as an option to the company's ION EEM energy management software, the "power quality" (PQ) module provides the tools to help large businesses analyze their power quality quickly and efficiently, which in turn can help improve system reliability and control related costs. Suitable for electric utilities as well as large commercial and industrial facilities, the PQ module can greatly improve productivity by automatically classifying power quality events, instantly analyzing multiple events and helping to group or link them to a single root cause.

According to Rick Stetler, vice president sales, the new PQ module analyzes and reduces large quantities of data to help operations personnel pinpoint threats to power quality and reliability. "When power is interrupted, for example, by a tree falling across a line, the resulting disturbances can be reported by monitoring devices as independent events occurring throughout the facility's distribution system, making it difficult to accurately pinpoint the source. With the ION EEM PQ module, the user can quickly group multiple disturbance reports, and accurately identify the source of the problem," said Stetler. "This capability can greatly increase productivity by reducing the time required to analyze multiple events."

Control Solutions, Inc In addition to its data-reduction capabilities, the PQ module can also help businesses to benchmark overall system performance versus industry standards, verify the effectiveness of reliability upgrades, and analyze any disturbances or events to help protect power-sensitive equipment from damage. An enhanced charting functionality allows energy managers to correlate any disturbances with variables such as time of day, production schedule, phase, geography, load, and more. A powerful browser-based waveform viewer allows users to analyze waveforms and assist in determining root causes of the events. Its Internet-compatible architecture makes system information available to all authorized users, anywhere, through a standard web-browser.

As a part of Power Measurement's ION EEM software application, the new PQ module integrates vital power-quality intelligence as a key aspect of a business's overall operational information, to provide a unified view of energy cost, quality and reliability within the organization. ION EEM is a complete enterprise energy management ("EEM") platform designed to help employees manage energy as a variable cost, by providing the tools to monitor, validate, predict and ultimately control energy costs. Together with Power Measurement services and metering, ION EEM enables users to manage the full spectrum of EEM applications from operational cost reductions to procurement support, cost allocation, benchmarking and budgeting.

The PQ module is available now from Power Measurement as an option with the company's ION EEM software. For more information, visit Include in body, change page properties and date.


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