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25 New Products and Applications Debut at the Niagara Summit

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Richmond, Virginia May 14, 2012 - Twenty five new products and applications built with or integrate to the Niagara and Sedona Frameworks made their debut at the 2012 Niagara Summit that took place April 29-May 2, 2012 at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.  

The variety of products and applications ranged from analytic and graphic applications, to energy and lighting, to security applications and new controllers with expanded capabilities.

"It is truly exciting to see the breadth and scope of these new products and applications and the level in which Niagara is extended further with these offerings said Marc Petock, vice president, global marketing and communications, Tridium. "These products and applications demonstrate how our two Frameworks are ideal platforms that can be built on instead of having to build them from scratch".

New Products

BAS Services & Graphics highlighted their new basTemplateMaviV2, a module that consists of multiple components that simplifies the page creation process within the Niagara Framework. This module makes it simple to create pages that are compatible with Apple® Ipad™, Apple® Iphone™, Google ® Android™ mobile devices.

Clean Urban Energy launched the CUE SaaS, a scalable, automated, web-based technology that systematically and optimally integrates large commercial building HVAC systems with electric grid operations and markets- in large metropolitan areas- to reduce HVAC energy use and expense, to improve electric generation efficiency and environmental performance, and to introduce demand elasticity into grid markets.

Conserve It introduced PlantPRO, a complete chiller plant efficiency and optimization solution. PlantPRO is designed to provide control of the Chiller Plant System in a way that delivers efficiencies beyond that of the individual components. Using  feedback from its on board real time analytics, diagnostics, measurement and verification systems it  continually readjust the chiller plant for optimum performance, irrespective of which brand of chiller is installed and without the need for proprietary engineering tools.

Contemporary Controls released a new 20-point BAScontrol, BACnet/IP Sedona Field Controller with a direct connection to an IP/Ethernet network. The device is ideally suited for structured wiring systems and provides a convenient mix of universal inputs, binary inputs and outputs as well as analog outputs.

Continental Control Systems announced the availability free downloadable  JAR Files that facilitate the integration of the company's WattNode® energy and power meters with Tridium's JACE® controller/server platform for the Niagara software framework. Continental Control Systems' WattNode meters provide seamless accessibility to electrical measurements including power, energy, voltage, current, and power factor.

CSI3 showed their latest version of TenantEye, an open software appliance for tenant metering, sub-metering, overrides and invoicing - including a tenant "smart phone" interface for overrides. The company also introduced a new DNP3 Driver, an open protocol specification for electrical and metering equipment. This driver allows the user to integrate, monitor and control equipment that uses the DNP3 protocol and CUBEIO Wireless Sedona Controllers, a family of wireless Sedona controllers that is released through CSI3 in partnership with AIC Wireless. 
DGLogik demonstrated DGLux, a "drag & drop" visualization platform that enables users to design real-time, data-driven applications and dashboards, which operate across all platforms including Windows, OSX, Android, and iOS. DGLux includes a the mobile DGLux Viewer, a native app for Android and iOS designed to complement any DGLux installation in the Building Automation space and allows users to view any dashboard or application created using the DGLux web application.

Distech Controls displayed their new LONMARK® certified ECL-VAV Series--programmable controllers designed to control any variable air volume (VAV) box application. The controllers feature multiple time and cost savings benefits, increasing productivity by over 25% and are available with pre-engineered configurable applications and ready-to-use high-end system graphics that dynamically adapt to a chosen application.

Eagle Technology introduced Proteus MMX, a cloud-based, advanced asset and work order management application and for Building Automation System integration.

eSight Energy launched a NEW Energy Star Module that links to Portfolio Manager, the software platform provided by the EPA to achieve Energy Star certification. The Energy Star module allows  users to connect to Portfolio Manager accounts, send energy consumption and cost data from eSight directly to Portfolio Manager, setup an Energy Performance Score meter, benchmark buildings, and apply sophisticated analytics against the score. The Energy Star Module helps determine the Energy Performance Score of each site within the portfolio and provide the ability to apply comparative analytics to identify areas for improvements.

Honeywell Security demonstrated their Pro-Watch® Integration Kit which uses the NiagaraAX Framework®, to integrate third-party products for increased productivity and enhanced monitoring of security, fire/life safety and energy management.  The Pro-Watch® Integration Kit allows Pro-Watch to interrelate with organizational systems to tighten security and enhance business processes. And, it permits security staff to manage multiple systems from a single interface, leading to higher productivity.

J2 Innovations demonstrated FIN Builder 2.0 which combines simple, efficient workflow with the latest technology to meet demanding customer expectations.  FIN Builder 2.0 creates a complete job with powerful navigation, advanced searches, floor plans, Air Handlers, 3D piping / central plants, custom dashboards, and powerful summary screens. 

Lynxspring displayed their newJENEsys Metron, a standard JACE-type controller with Lynxspring's ANSI C12.20 NiagaraAX Module installed.  The controller provides integrators with a method of accurately providing revenue-grade, electricity-usage data to applications. Applications include curtailment provider settlements, tenant billing, utility charge audits and more.

Pacific Controls introduced a new Router Integrated Controller as an embedded gateway for Managed Services. The G-360 is designed for system integrators and OEMs to realize the potential of Cloud enabled managed services and fulfils the requirement of the industry for a small footprint, high-end controller with inbuilt router, GPS and 3G radio to deliver device to enterprise services on the cloud, at a competitive price.

QA Graphics introduced Version 3.0 of their Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard. This interactive application can be used to engage building occupants and encourage them to conserve resources and help lower operating costs. Based on an open protocol, it complements the Niagara Framework and works a Niagara AX device to display building performance data. 

Samsung showed the Samsung Smart Building Integrator; a building management software mobile solution that maximizes convenient building management with two key functions; integration with Samsung CCTV for facility monitoring and energy analysis data monitoring for enhanced building energy management.

contemporary Schneider Electric partnered with ActiveLogix and revealed a specialized Measurement and Verification Panelboard (MVP) Software: a slick new dashboard interface that allows you to view  lighting and plug load energy usage down to the branch circuit level.

SCL Elements, developer of CAN2GO® controllers, demonstrated the integration capability of EnOcean and ZigBee technologies within CAN2GO controllers into Niagara based building automation systems. The integration of EnOcean and ZigBee-based products to Niagara based JACE's is performed through CAN2GO controllers which support bidirectional EnOcean and ZigBee communication and push the wireless points to JACE hardware via BACnet or Obix. The integration covers HVAC, lighting, occupancy, metering and other building applications.

Sontay demonstrated expanded capabilities of their SonNet Wireless Temperature Sensing System with the addition of a new RF-RXS Niagara Serial Driver.  The driver allows quick and seamless integration with the Tridium range of JACE controllers and opens up the system to BMS protocols such as BACnet, LonTalk and Modbus.

SkyFoundry showed their SkySpark Analytics which offers direct communication with Niagara systems via oBIX and integration with the Niagara Component model for easy data importing. The SkySpark analytics platform automatically analyzes data from building automation systems, metering systems and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements.

SysMik unveiled a new SCC Series of Universal Sedona Controllers. These programmable, Sedona Framework based compact controllers are available in two models, the  SCC-410 which has 26 IO channels and manual override option and the SCC-5xx which has 16 IO channels and comes in versions optionally with mains power supply and MP-Bus interface for 8 BELIMO® drives.

YWire Technologies introduceda new Powerline Communicating Lighting Controller. This controller is the latest addition to their Five Series Lighting Control System and is a lighting controller that offers on\off and dimming capabilities while communicating at fiber optic speeds over existing line-voltage wiring. The controller is designed for deployment in commercial and industrial buildings.

About Niagara Summit
The Niagara Summit is the largest gathering of industry professionals and practitioners developing applications and deploying solutions built around open, interoperability, integration and connectivity. It is the premier event where the global Niagara Community and industry professionals come together to exchange and share experiences on automation infrastructure technology, device-to-enterprise integration and learn about the latest advances in building automation and control, physical security, energy management, telecommunications, M2M and smart services.
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About Tridium
Tridium is the global leader in open platforms, application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, energy management and device-to-enterprise integration solutions. The company's technology and applications have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect, integrate and interoperate with each other and the enterprise.

Tridium's configurable software frameworks extend connectivity, integration and interoperability to the millions of devices deployed in the market today and empowers manufacturers to develop intelligent equipment systems and smart devices that enable collaboration and communication between the enterprise and edge assets. Our platforms allow for building and managing complex monitoring, control, and automation solutions, including applications for energy management, telecommunications, M2M and smart services building control, facility management, industrial automation, medical equipment, and physical security.

The company is an independent business entity of Honeywell International Inc.

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