May 2022
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A new open source plugin allows BACnet MS/TP communication directly from within WarpScript. Custom datalogger has never been easier  New open source plugin for Warp 10. It allows reading and writing registries over BACnet protocol. This protocol is heavily used in climate control units (rarely the ones for homes, but for buildings). With only six new WarpScript functions, you can build a BACnet datalogger with the hardware you want.

Wall mount integrated air quality HVAC controller AM6108B is a built-in IAQ sensor module. Users can get the real time data of the air quality, including particle concentration, CO2 level, VOC concentration, temp and humidity. Measuring data can be transferred to the host by RS485 or WiFi, to realize online air quality monitoring. It can be used to control the fan speed automatically to adjust fresh air flow rate, to keep indoor air quality at designed level.

The new Li-ion Solar Panel harnesses solar energy to replenish power for wirefree motorized window shades and blinds

The PFC200 Controller is a compact PLC for the modular WAGO-I/O-System. Along with network and fieldbus interfaces, this controller supports all digital and analog input/output modules, as well as specialty modules found within our 750/753 Series. This controller comes equipped with two ETHERNET interfaces and an integrated switch to enable line topology wiring. The integrated cellular modem provides a wireless connection to the Internet and includes a radio licensed for North American countries.

Contemporary Controls offers three VPN solutions to meet your remote access needs—RemoteVPN subscription service, and Self-HostedVPN and BridgeVPN solutions.

Are supply shortages and price hikes impacting your Automation or IoT projects? SmartServer IoT is in stock and works with any front-end system, including Niagara. Its Open API also brings any cloud resource into the building for truly powerful two-way integration, even with legacy systems.

SmartServer IoT uniquely offers an end-to-end deployment solution using a truly open approach Built-in drivers, services and management dashboard for out-of-the-box functionality• Open APIs for controls and data applications, standards-based open-data model and support for open-source tools

Second book in the series Building Management Systems Explained: Advanced Control for Smart Buildings.

This book will present advanced control methods for use within smart building applications. Building upon my first book, this book dives deep into smart building networks and protocols, such as MQTT, LoRaWan as well as Rest API.


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