October 2005
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GridWise™ Architecture Council Announces Constitutional Convention

Broad base of stakeholders to establish guidelines and tenets that will graduate the nation’s electric power system into the Information Age

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WASHINGTON, DC—September 26, 2005—The GridWise™ Architecture Council (GWAC), a collaborative effort among an extensive scope of industry stakeholders with an interest in the technological advancement of the electric power grid, announced today a Constitutional Convention to frame the debate on interoperability for stakeholder communication and decision-making will be held December 6-7, 2005, in Philadelphia, PA.

The primary purpose of the Constitutional Convention is to establish consensus surrounding fundamental principles and amass buy-in from a broad base of stakeholders in the application of information exchange to the effective operation of the future electric power system. The constitution will guide critical future information technology advancement over the next 10-30 years to realize a healthy, self-sustaining, highly interoperable electric supply system.

GWAC expects between 100 and 150 North American electric grid stakeholders to attend the convention, primarily consisting of senior technologists and company executives, trade associations and government organizations that have significant interest in defining the future operation of the North American electric grid, from generation to consumption. Many of these delegates have already participated in the formation of an initial list of principles through an interview process.  Those seeking to participate as delegates to the Constitutional Convention will be asked to undergo a similar interview or briefing by the council and the organizing team to familiarize themselves with the directions of the group and ensure an invested and engaged audience is assembled to discuss and further this very important subject.

“The GridWise Constitutional Convention and its ultimate success is reliant upon the vested interest of the industry stakeholders involved in this project,” Rik Drummond, GWAC chair, said. “The input we’ve received from each and every industry sector has provided us an abundance of insight into the issues facing power system modernization, strengthening the core of the constitution.”

There are many disparate, sometimes competing efforts underway with a bearing on the advancement of communications, control, and electronic information exchange related to the electric system. Many of these advancements affect a broad range of industries that use electricity, while several particularly touch electric transmission and distribution. Without an overarching initiative to provide perspective to these efforts, contrary approaches may lead to confusion, duplication of efforts and ineffectual growth of transformational market opportunities in the GridWise domain.

contemporary For more information visit www.gridwiseac.org and www.gridwise.com.

About GridWise
GridWise is a vision for the future electric system built upon the fundamental premise that information technology will profoundly transform the planning and operation of the power grid, just as it has changed business, education, and entertainment. It will form the "nervous system" that integrates new distributed technologies—demand response, distributed generation, and storage—with traditional grid generation, transmission, and distribution assets to share responsibility for managing the grid as a collaborative "society" of devices.

About The GridWise Architecture Council
The GridWise™ Architecture Council assembles a focused team of experts to articulate the guiding principles that constitute the architecture of a future, intelligent, transactive, energy system and see that GridWise evolutionary directions remain true to these principles.
The Architecture Council comprises practitioners and leaders with broad-based knowledge and expertise in power, information technology, telecommunications, financial systems, and additional relevant sectors working together toward a coordinated GridWise vision—the transformation of the nation's energy system into a rich, collaborative network filled with decision-making information exchange and market-based opportunities.

Steve Widergren
Administrator GridWise Architecture Council


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