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Articles - April 2017
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Data Needs Order  There needs to be a means to analyze and visualize the data to assist in the business decision processes. - Marc Petock, Chief Communications Officer & Vice President, Marketing, Connexx Energy, Inc.

Monetizing The IoT: Is it About Light Bulbs, Managing Light Bulbs or Something Else Completely? - Rick Rolston, CEO, BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation

I Know You’re There but I’m Not Watching: Smart Lighting Reconsidered - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

Will DevOps Culture Come to Smart Buildings? You could say that they’ve embraced the DevOps philosophy of ‘turning the power struggle with IT into the power of collaboration.’  - Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext Ltd

May 2017, A Milestone for Project Haystack  The Project-Haystack effort is driven by open-source, community-based effort with members from around the world. - Marc Petock, Chief Communications Officer & Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring and Connexx Energy, Inc. Executive Secretary, Project Haystack

Creating Their Piece of the Productivity Puzzle  These Comfy blog bits highlight their pioneering work.  -  The Comfy Team

Advancing Smart Building Industry Standards  through Project Haystack Collaboration - Christine Boles, Smart Building Solutions Director, Intel GM of Industrial and Energy Solutions Division for the Intel Internet of Things Group

Separate OT Networks  The future of smart buildings.  - Erik Haberger, Director of Sales, Optigo Networks

Coffee Lighting Story  An interesting lesson for the traditional lighting controls industry regarding interoperability standards and who wins. - Mike Welch, Managing Director, Control Network Solutions Ltd

8 Things to Know Before purchasing your next Smart IoT Lighting Solution, Part 1. - Mike Welch, Managing Director, Control Network Solutions Ltd

Have You Hired Any New Talent Lately? Our industry is facing a tremendous shortage of human capital and finding new controls technicians or engineers gets harder each and every day. - Hector Hernandez, CEO, Founder, CUBE-USA

Using IoT to Achieve Better Outcomes  It could be said that good outcomes = planning + technology + execution + integration. - Steven Guzelimian, President, Optergy

8 Things to Know Before purchasing your next Smart IoT Lighting Solution, Part 2. - Mike Welch, Managing Director, Control Network Solutions Ltd

5 Ways Your Facility Data Can Make Your Employees Happier and More Productive  The technologies leveraged to collect and analyze this data are part of the new smart building revolution. - Kaynam Hedayat, VP Product Management, Digital Lumens

New Technology and Approaches to Significantly Cut Lab & Commercial Building Energy Use  A major research study was conducted that generated a significant amount of objective data on the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) conditions of labs and vivariums that are using dynamic control of air change rate. - Gordon P. Sharp, Founder & Chairman, Aircuity Inc. Member ASHRAE

How an Inefficient Work Order Management Process Hurts Tenants, Operators, and Owners – and What to Do About It (Part I) - Alex Ortiz, Account Executive, McKinstry

The Road to Transparency  in a World With Billions of IIoT Devices - James Lee, CEO & President, Cimetrics Inc.

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Gateway  The Four Benefits of Using a Gateway in Your IoT Design - Matt Smith, Head of Cortet Engineering

Cope with the IOT Revolution by Staying Agile  As the smart building industry rapidly evolves, management strategies pioneered by software developers can help us successfully adapt. - Brad White, P.Eng, MASc, Principal & Christopher Naismith, BASc, EIT, LEED GA
Energy Efficiency Engineer, SES Consulting Inc.

contemporary Columns - April 2017

Facebook 102:  Let’s Talk About Likes. - Manny Mandrusiak, Executive Director, Q College and Q Academy

BAS Integration For Factory Mounted Controls  It’s time to revisit the design challenges that continue to plague a successful controls merger. - Ira Goldschmidt, P.E., LEEDŽAP, Engineering Consultant, Goldschmidt Engineering Solutions

Engaging Satisfaction and Wellness Satisfaction and wellness are components of productivity. - Ken Sinclair,

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