January 2018

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The Face of Digital Transformation 2018


The mask represents a material metaphor for carving our existing digitalized world into a shape never before seen, in a process that blurs the lines between science and art but inside that transformation is yet another amazing transformation opportunity to create a better image of ourselves.


We are all involved in today's digital transformation and have an amazing opportunity to create a new softer mindfulness face for the greater good. This month's issue talks about how we can improve our image as we digitally transform and inspires us all to envision what the world will see when we pull the string on our transformation mask to expose our new inner selves to the world.

This mask was carved/transformed from a cedar log and represents our struggle between good and evil but also depicts how we can create the element of surprise when we pull the string and expose our new digitally transformed face.

Will our new inner digital transformed face be for the greater good of all?   An image that reflects our human-centric mindfulness of the functionality features of our digital transformation.

From the carver of the mask these words which could help us depict our new inner image.

Our artwork must reflect who and what we are as artists and keepers of the cultural knowledge.

Can we create a new softer more welcoming mindfulness face with IoT superpowers?

Can we evolve from the IoT monster carefully carving a new image, actually, a new thing with the focus on who the people will see when we pull the string to show them our surprise?

For more spiritual guidance...big smile, please read my complete review Our Digital Transformation Mask which was the inspiration for my column in Contractor magazine.

My last off the wall column had me Teaching the IoT Monster how to ride a bike. Just one of the steps to carving out our digital transformation.octopus

Enough of my meddling metaphors. How does this all relate to our digital Transformation for 2018 and Our Edgy Education sessions at AHR Expo Chicago?

Just as we were starting to get our minds around the transformation open software will bring George Thomas invites us to see how open hardware is going to influence our industry.

In this interview,  Tory Davis:  That’s where the beauty of wireless comes in, and wireless is what’s allowing the industries to coalesce into one platform.

The word coalesce - come together and form one mass or whole is another great word for digital transformation but we must preserve our tenets in the process.

How deep and how quickly is the transformation occurring? This article provides great insight into the rapid transformation to voice with many talk to me products.  "Virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri or Google Home, have become an increasingly common sight in homes across the world through smart speakers."

This is an Interesting article. I am glad we are all playing with this virtual assistant stuff. Is hard to understand without actually talking and interacting with these devices.  Now we talk directly to the things which greatly simplifies our interaction with them. Voice becomes the lowest cost set up tool when coupled with the ubiquitous cell phone it is much cheaper than touch screens and even old-school buttons and switches. I am very impressed with how easily it allows very different things to be grouped into one simple voice command stuff our industry and others have struggled with. The amazing connections between entertainment, education, and more give it immediate value. Check out our new products this month and you will see it rapidly become part of our industry.

Google has a real war on its hands in this arena but as the cost keeps dropping the virtual voice devices are evolving as part of products "the things in IoT" and voice interface is becoming a giveaway item and is destine to be everywhere.

Hey, Google or Alexa find my phone......big smile

Alexa, Would You Like To Go To Work With Me Today?”  Alexa’s introduction to the office appears to be the first step in replacing human office assistants with AI-powered virtual alternatives. - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

This interview The Rules Have Changed - For the simple reason, people don’t want to pay for software anymore. It should be open. This speaks well to the transformation.

But Anto cautions us Open Source Is Not A Silver Bullet  We must focus on software solutions that solve real-world problems for the masses, rather than just creating cool software. - Anto Budiardjo, CEO, Anka Labs

Therese talks this month about What's Happening at the Edge of IT/OT Convergence realizing smart and connected systems.

I am looking forward to our panel discussions in Chicago at AHR Expo with Therese and Anto and our other speakers please join us.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]As you read these and all of our articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news you can see that we are all focused on carving a new image for the face of transformation for 2018.

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Be sure to read our interview with the HVAC Concepts president Dan Drury Important Characteristics of a Master System Integrator  Open, Open, Open.  All solutions must be open, interoperable and expandable.

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Editorial from December 2017

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