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Articles - January 2018
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry. 
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Open Software – and now Open Hardware   While at AHR Expo 2018, we encourage attendees to stop by our booth (4118) to see how open hardware is going to influence our industry. -  George Thomas, Contemporary Controls

Alexa, Would You Like To Go To Work With Me Today?”  Alexa’s introduction to the office appears to be the first step in replacing human office assistants with AI-powered virtual alternatives. - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

Open: BACnet-N2 Router  Router integrates into legacy JCI Metasys® N2 systems and publishes to either BACnet/IP or OPC. - Steve Jones, Managing Partner, The S4 Group, Inc

What's Happening at the Edge of IT/OT Convergence  Includes an interview with Jason Shepard, Dell Technologies Director of IoT Strategy - Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext Ltd

Open Source Is Not A Silver Bullet  We must focus on software solutions that solve real-world problems for the masses, rather than just creating cool software. - Anto Budiardjo, CEO, Anka Labs

Reflecting back 2017  Looking froward to 2018 - Alper Uzmezler & BASSG Team 

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Business Optimization for AHR  It’s not enough to get your tradeshow booth ready if your website isn’t. -  Manny Mandrusiak, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, Vancouver Island Works Project, Lifeworks! Consulting Inc SISIP Rehab Services, Accounts Manager, ideazone

Multi-Manufacturer BAS  for Large & Multi-Building Owners  - Ira Goldschmidt, P.E., LEED®AP, Engineering Consultant, Goldschmidt Engineering Solutions

Are You - IoT Ready? #RUIoTReady  As an industry, we need to stop the waste of time in this creation of them and us, we are all in this together it is not a war, it is a love-in for “human-centric solutions.”  - Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings

The face of digital transformation for 2018  The mask represents a material metaphor for carving our existing digitalized world into a shape never before seen, in a process that blurs the lines between science and art but inside that transformation is yet another amazing transformation opportunity to create a better image of ourselves.- Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings

Teaching the IoT Monster to ride a bike  The Octopus looks a lot like the IoT monster we are all wrestling with: smart, soft, slippery, flexible and able to change form; but to be useful the beast needs to learn how to ride our existing industries’ bikes, which are old, rigid, hard, and tippy. - Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings

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