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Articles - August 2006

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Can ASHRAE Reinvent Itself?  “We’re ready, and we’re waiting! Which is it?”  Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company

Wireless, the winning solution for building automation!   Wireless devices, once matured will surely offer the most impact, allowing control devices to instantly create their own communicating infrastructure without the extensive wiring costs typically involved with a controls only retrofit. Trevor S Palmer, Marketing Manager, Viconics Inc.

What is HOT in Information Technology?  ....energy is critical in the IT world, and based on the growth in this sector this will remain true. John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.

The not so obvious benefits of wireless control networks  These benefits come from the flexibility provided by being able to sense without the need for connecting wires.  Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group

What exactly are intelligent buildings?  A common but simple definition of an intelligent building could be: “An intelligent building provides a responsive, effective and supportive environment within which an organisation can achieve its business objectives”.  Mark Griffiths, Dimension Data UK

LONWORKS Converges with IP  These two worlds; LON and IP are set to converge in a big way in Amsterdam this October 3-5 at ConnectivityWeek Europe.  Tracy Markie, Chairman LONMARK International

Fast Forward Freeze Frames  It seems that our complete industry is on fast forward as the events, articles, interviews, reviews, news releases and new products cross my computer screen before finding their way to our rss news feed.   Ken Sinclair AutomatedBuildings.com

Articles - July 2006

John Petze leaves Tridium to create another river of change as CEO of Privaris   Not sure if you heard that John Petze is leaving Tridium. John has been and remains an industry icon. Ken Sinclair AutomatedBuildings.com

The oBIX M2M Web  The Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) is a specification advanced by the OASIS international standards consortium to provide a standardized foundation for this M2M Web. Brian Frank, Tridium

Permanently Mounted Instrumentation can be an Advantage for the TAB Practitioner  Len Damiano, EBTRON, Inc

Artificial Intelligence in Building Automation: Fuzzy Logic Anwer Bashi, Senior Research Engineer, Computrols, Inc.,

Control Projects Out Of Control?  Avoiding those few bad projects can change an average year to a great year.  Al De Wachter, President ICS Inc

Are Your Customers Comfortable? How Do You Know? Bill Gnerre, CEO and Cofounder and Kevin Fuller, Executive Vice President, Interval Data Systems, Inc.

Optimizing Power Quality Data Analysis Using Data Compression Technology  Data compression technology produces limitless ungapped data for determining what causes power events and why. Daniel Amitai, Marketing Communication, Elspec Ltd.

Privaris® Launches World’s First Personal Biometric Device for Secure Access to Multiple Facilities, Computers and Networks Megan Prosser, Marketing Project Manager Privaris, Inc

Wireless Mesh Networking  Focused Approach Gets Results Currents Issue #75 Harbor Research, Inc.

Quebec Biotechnology Innovation Center Case Study HVAC systems serving biotechnology facilities must provide for and maintain environments sufficiently well controlled as to provide for worker safety and health, to minimize process defects and to assure quality.  Caroline Cadieux, Marketing Manager, Distech Controls

Making Dimension Data’s buildings more intelligent  Case Study The benefits of implementing an integrated IP intelligent building system more than justify the investment. We are already reaping the benefits of improved agility and improved buildings management.  Mark Griffiths, Business Development Director, Dimension Data

The Importance of Mentorship to ASHRAE  I cannot over express the importance of mentorship. It allows us to grow, evolve, question and simply learn who we are. Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com

Keeping ConnectivityWeek Strong  This Building-IT industry represents validation from owners and the IT industry to move forward and deliver converged IP-based building systems, taking into account the needs of the new types of stakeholder in the building owner organizations: the IT and enterprise focused groups. Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com

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Ken Sinclair AutomatedBuildings.com  John Petze leaves Tridium
Anwer Bashir, Computrols, Inc., Artificial Intelligence in Building Automation
Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company New Vistas With Relational Control
Bob Lahey, Honeywell Building Solutions Honeywell Global Service Response Center
Aaron Hansen, Tridium, Inc 
Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) 
Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company New Vistas With Relational Control
Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group Why your next project should be an Intelligent Building
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO, Clasma Events Inc. and Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com Building Automation Renaissance
Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company  New Vistas With Relational Control  A Three Part Series PART 2: An Introduction to Relational Control
March John Edler and Weilin Wang, Kiyon Wireless! Building Automation Unwired
Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com
Defining The Intelligent Building Control Market
Jack Mc Gowan, President of Energy Control Inc Blazing a new trail to Intelligent buildings…
Professor Derek Clements-Croome, The University of Reading, UK  Flexible Master's Programme in Intelligent Buildings
 Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group What is an Intelligent Building? Part 2
October Jon Williamson, Chairman, BACnet Conference & Expo BACnet Conference & Expo  Update:
Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com
Building Automation has become Pointless
Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group What Is An Intelligent Building? 



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