July 2006

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EMAIL INTERVIEW  Robert Beverly & Ken Sinclair

Jessica M. Yamin, BNP Media ~ Event Coordinator  There has long been a close relationship between Ken Sinclair, editor of the Automated Buildings website and Robert Beverly, editor of Engineered Systems Magazine. Both support content on controls, building automation, convergence and Intelligent Buildings. Many of the articles appear on both sites and AB founder and editor is a popular columnist in Engineered Systems magazine. This relationship has allowed for growth of our industry both in print and online. Now this message is moving forward in a series of conferences specifically focused at building owners, consulting engineers and systems integrators. The following discussion between Ken and Robert provides some valuable details about this program.

Building Automation 2006

We felt that there was a need for a conference that was delivered regionally, summarized the issues and was focused on owners and consultants.

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Sinclair:  Robert, how many years have we worked on trying to get this message out to owners?

Beverly:  Hard to count! But it is exciting to see a growing interest through what we are doing on Automated Buildings, Engineered Systems, Intelligent Buildings Today and Energy and Power.

Sinclair:  What comes next?

Beverly:  Well earlier this year the parent of Engineered Systems, BNP Media decided to start offering a conference called Building Automation 2006.

Sinclair:  Was there really a need for another conference?

Beverly:  We felt that there was. Specifically we felt that there was a need for a conference that was delivered regionally, summarized the issues and was focused on owners and consultants.

Sinclair:  That is a great concept, how do you go about that?

Beverly:  Engineered Systems magazine and our sister publication Energy and Power have access to over 60,000 technical owners. We believed that if we put together the right event that we could attract the owner and consulting community. In March we held our first event in Baltimore and found out we where right. The event was standing room only and most of the attendees where owners and consultants. The feedback from the attendees, sponsors and speakers was ecstatic.

Control Solutions, Inc Sinclair:  So what’s next?

Beverly:  We have decided that we have a hit on our hands! Our plan is to keep growing this event on a regional basis. We are committed to having several regional conferences each year with a solid owner audience focus. Our next event will be in San Diego on September 12 – 13 and after that we will be back in Baltimore in March of 2007.

Sinclair:  Tell me more about the San Diego event.

Beverly:  Building Automation 2006 – West will cover a lot of the same material from the spring event. Topics that include open systems, integration, technology, specifying and commissioning. We will also have an increased focus on energy sourcing and management since we are hearing a lot of pain from our readers about this topic.

Sinclair:  What else?

Beverly:  Lots more – we will be including a tour of one of the most advanced Intelligent Buildings in North America – One America Plaza. We are finalizing our speaker list but it will include a number of industry visionaries including RealComm founder and President Jim Young and Building Intelligence Group’s Paul Ehrlich.

Sinclair:  Automated Buildings is delighted to be a sponsor of this conference and we look forward to another great event.

More information on Building Automation 2006 can be found at www.esmagazine.com/conference


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