November 2009

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Our interview section allows busy industry leaders to quickly provide insight into rapidly evolving industry issues. If you have subject matter or industry issues you would like insight into or would like to be interviewed yourself contact us.

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November 2009

What’s New with BACnet International?  Quite a bit actually. Michael R. Wilson, Account Sales Engineer, OEMctrl Marketing Chair, BACnet International

Lifecycle Management Approach to Building Performance Improves Cash Flow If you are constructing a new building, renovating an existing building, or simply looking to improve operations and maintenance, the life cycle approach assists in the decision-making process by correlating these choices with the financial impact and benefits to the organization. Paul Oswald, President, Environmental Systems Inc.

User Centric Enterprise Dashboards for Facility Management  "a new way of data visualization to convert raw data into “Building Intelligence”   Paul Ogle, VP Product Marketing and Development, Activelogix, LLC

Web Based Customer Communications  The web is requiring a major rethink of the old customer communication paradigms. Bob MacKie, C3

Energy Information Standards Alliance (EISA)  EISA is being developed for peer-to-peer needs of autonomous building systems and appliances.  David Bunzel, EISA

October 2009

IT and Facilities Managers Working Together  Data center managers must work with facilities managers to look at new buildings to expand into, upgrade current facilities, regulate temperatures, and research LEED certification.  Jill Eckhaus, CEO, AFCOM

State of the Electronic Cable Industry  That’s why I usually suggest to my customers that if they are installing Cat 6 or data/telecom wire, they should probably install fiber optic cable at the same time because if they need higher communication speeds later on the additional capacity is already there. André Sabourin, Vice President of R&D, Cerco Cable

CC-Link Communication Network  The CC-Link communication network is a high speed, high performance industrial network technology that enables devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate resulting in a fast, deterministic control system.  Charles Lukasik, Director of the CC-Link Partner Association

OPC Foundation North American Certification Test Lab  Vendors will only bring software that passes the tests in the CTT (Compliance Test Tool) and the tests outlined in our supplemental documentation. Nathan Pocock & Manny Mandrusiak, OPC Foundation

Creating a Safe, Sustainable Community  A well-planned strategy combines technology, implementation expertise and funding strategies in an effort to improve the environment, upgrade technology and reduce operating expenses. Joy Clarke-Holmes - Director – Local & Metro Markets Solutions Sales, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls

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