September 2020

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The Show Must Go On…

Cochrane Supply, Jim Young / Realcomm / IBCon and others have decided to host our industry events even though this pandemic continues.  Whether virtual or in person, learning, networking and sharing ideas are more important than ever.
Scott Cochrane, President & CEO,

 Cochrane Supply & Engineering;

 Contributing Editor


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We have been kept busy during the pandemic.  Trying to keep up with all the changes, challenges, threats and opportunities has been a memorable journey.  As we settle into our next adventure into the unknown, let’s not forget the lessons learned so far during the pandemic.

#1. Many buildings are empty and may not be filled any time soon.  Depending on the use case, some segments are in trouble, rocking the core of key business relationships.  If you’re in one of those segments, MAKE SOME NEW FRIENDS in other types of buildings—the damages done will be there a while.  Integration works on all types of buildings and all have the same core principles in comfort, safety and security. So, start networking with new business segments, bid on different types of work, and broaden your new horizons.  Remember some key new values to building owners like shutting down wasted energy on empty spaces, reporting air changes / fresh air and creating healthy building dashboards to help make people feel safe. The common building owner is facing all sorts of new challenges that can turn into your opportunities.

#2.  Remote Everything… Connect Everything… Especially Building Controls.  With so many engineers working from home, remote access to building monitoring and control has never been in higher demand.  Building owners are quickly seeing the benefits of remote access and are not slowing down investments to add more.  No application is off the table from a single web connected thermostat to a completely integrated enterprise level system—they are all relevant to the modern manager and growing in demand.  The cost to integrate has never been lower when looking at older working systems and new IP application smart controllers that allow us to share more data with less devices on any network, making it super cost effective to connect new equipment.  Digital building data flow is now a cornerstone in a working system, as a building cannot perform any real functionality without it.  Connecting those dots will be a key in unlocking new building capabilities like healthy indoor air quality

#3. Construction, Design, Engineering, and Building Services are essential and are not shut down during a pandemic or any time soon.  This means we, as an industry, have to strive to improve during the pandemic just as we did prior to the pandemic.  As we see new challenges, we MUST FIND new ideas, and so many of us have decided the SHOW MUST GO ON!!!  Cochrane Supply, Jim Young / Realcomm / IBCon and others have decided to host our industry events even though this pandemic continues.  Whether virtual or in person, learning, networking and sharing ideas are more important than ever.  These events are challenging for in-person networking, so adding the virtual element makes it possible for everyone to participate.  The main goal is to just do it!  Get the information out there to the thirsty business planners trying to reinvent themselves in these crazy new times we live in.

October 2020 | BASfest | The Tour – An All-New, NO-COST Building Automation Education Tour! The tour will stop at six Cochrane Supply locations bringing the option for attendees to participate in-person or remotely via a virtual event platform! This hybrid tour will feature back-to-back education sessions by top manufacturers in the building automation industry, a trade show where you can meet one-on-one with vendors, networking with local BAS professionals, and big prize giveaways! Okay, I know we are crazy, but we are doing it...

October 2020 | Realcomm | IBcon – The First RE Tech Hybrid Event! Thanks, Jim, for pushing the industry... this is a much-needed national event.

January 2021 | AHR Expo – The World’s Largest HVACR Event

May 2021 | Controls-Con – The World’s First MSI Conference with a focus on Smart Buildings and Building Automation!  Details/registration coming soon...



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