Press Release - January 2003
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Belimo - PICCV Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valve - Booth #3455

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GET AGGRESSIVE with Flow Control
Smart, precise, independent. 

PICCV Pressure Independent Characterized Control ValveBelimo's new PICCV Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valve™ combines a differential pressure regulator with a two-way control valve, giving you a range of valuable features to tackle the toughest flow control applications.

The Best Way to Control Flow!
Maintain design flow independent of pressure variations

The PICCV is a two-way valve that will supply a specific flow for each degree of ball opening regardless of pressure variations in a system.

PICCV consists of a differential pressure regulator in series with a control valve.

The key to the PICCV is the regulator assembly. This regulator controls the amount of flow that passes through the valve by the use of a diaphragm that moves according to the change in pressure above and below it.

All pressure changes are absorbed by the pressure regulator allowing the differential pressure to be held constant over the control valve section thereby giving the same flow.

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