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Miniature Ethernet Hub Combines Cost-Savings and Simplicity
EIM miniature repeating hub in the CTRLink family allows building automation users to cut costs and to save space. The Industrial Ethernet EIM4-10T, measuring only 1.6" W x 3.1"L x 3.4"D, increases 10BASE-T node count and extends network distance up to 100 meters. 

Media Converters Provide Hassle-Free Connection to Fiber Networks
Media Converters in the CTRLink family provides smooth operation and data transfer when converting between copper and fiber media for building automation networking requirements.

Industrial Ethernet Switch Extends Network Distance to 15 km
With the widespread application of building automation fiber optics, Contemporary Controls has met this need with its Industrial Ethernet switch (EIS6) for extending networking distances up to 15 km (single-mode). The EIS6 is ideal for interconnecting buildings in a campus setting.

Industrial Ethernet Switch Small Enough for Tight Spaces
Shrinking panels and the space limitations of small machines require ever-smaller network components. Contemporary Controls EISM miniature switching hub in the CTRLink family has been identified as the "world's smallest Industrial Ethernet switch" by industry publications. 

Intelligent PC Adapter Card Captures CAN Traffic in Real Time
A CAN Adapter for PCs by Contemporary Controls enables OEMs to instantly connect building automation CAN networks to notebook computers. CAN PC cards normally have no microprocessor and must rely on the PC for all buffering and processing.

Industrial Ethernet NIM Designed for Difficult Environments
An Industrial Ethernet Network Interface Module (NIM) designed for the building automation industry. It meets UL864 fire and smoke requirements for monitoring alarm systems.

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