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Engenuity Systems, Inc. - LonMark Booth #3750

New Website Resource Features LONWORKS® Products

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January 27, 2002 (Chicago, IL) - Since its launch three months ago, Engenuity Systems, Inc.'s new website ( ) has already become a popular resource for integrators and control system specifiers looking for LonWorks products. The site is unique to the HVACR market, providing over 1500 LonWorks products from 50 manufactures at one web location from one supplier. Traffic to the site already exceeds 7000 unique IP visits and a quarter million page hits per month, with each visitor staying for an average of twelve minutes. 

The reasons for the success of the site lie in its content, ease of use, and capabilities. Each product contains extensive information and resources needed by users. Besides the usual pictures, descriptions and features for the products, data sheets, user manuals, application notes, plug-ins, firmware and more are all available. Visitors can view pricing online, order products, and setup and manage their own accounts. The most noteworthy benefit of the site is the ease in which products and information can be found. A 'Sort by/Search by' menu allows users to find products quickly, often with a single click. was designed as an easy-to-use resource specifically for users of LonWorks products in the controls market. Products and their information are organized using industry-specific categories as well as by their manufacturer. Unique attributes to products for this market are used as additional navigation tools, allowing visitors to find products based on a single common feature or attribute. A single click provides a summary page of all products in any particular category or all products from a specific manufacturer. Or, a single click provides a summary page of products using a specific transceiver type, carrying an important industry certification such as LonMark, ® or agency approval such as U.L. A second click selects a product's description page. Each description page contains the product's picture, a short description and feature list, and a list of industry-specific attributes. Data sheets, application articles, user manuals and supporting software files are directly linked to the page for easy access and download. This type of menu and navigation structure provides the information integrators and contractors need, right at their finger tips. 

Orders are accepted by credit card or on terms for current accounts. Customers have the ability to create and save project quotes in shopping carts that can be retrieved later for reference and purchase. In addition, order status, shipping information, and account balance information is available any time of the day.

Representatives of the company will be available for meetings at the AHR tradeshow in the LonMark booth, #3750.

About Engenuity Systems, Inc. - LonMark Booth #3750

Engenuity Systems, Inc. is the world's largest distributor of LonWorks products. They have been supplying LonWorks products to the industrial control market and building automation industry for more than eight years. They currently offer over 1500 products from more than 50 manufacturers. 

More information about their complete line of products can be found at For personal attention, please email

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