Press Release - January 2003
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Texas Instruments Sensors and Controls - Booth #4332

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Texas Instruments Sensors and Controls will be exhibiting at the show (Booth # 4332) and will be exhibiting some emerging trends in the HVAC/R market. TIís technology is helping companies improve the efficiency, productivity, and quality of their HVAC/R infrastructures.

Some of the trends include:

Pressure Transducers are now carrying many of the advance "smart electronics," which make them a critical senor for today's more sophisticated HVAC and refrigeration systems. ASIC chips, for example, carry information such as serialization and date codes. New ceramic capacitive transducers can sense ambient temperatures and dynamically recalibrate their settings to compensate for any temperature change. TI can demonstrate these transducers and discuss how they can improve the overall performance of a refrigeration or air conditioning system. They will also be showing their new 3PP8 pressure transducer featuring this temperature compensated feature.

The use of CO2 refrigerants are now more common in Europe and are being evaluated more in the U.S. In a CO2-based system, sensor materials and seals are all variables that need to be addressed to deploy these high-pressure refrigeration or air conditioning systems.



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