July 2004
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eBuilding 1.4 Released With Expanded Capabilities

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Manchester, NH - Teletrol Systems, an industry leader in building automation technology, announced the release eBuilding 1.4. The latest version of this Internet- powered facility management system expands system programming capabilities, including one-button site duplication, support for the JavaScript Array variable type and integrated logic block printing capability. Additional automated processing of events and historical alarms provides users with rapid access to high priority problem indications, while robust support for additional network configurations include back-to- back NATS firewalls and multi-vendor BACnet/IP systems.

Andy McMillan, Teletrol's President/CEO states, "Combining eBuilding's existing IT-friendly features with expanded system capabilities allows us to significantly enhance the user's experience." He added, "We focus on creating the optimal user experience with eBuilding in order to deliver an effective solution for both new and existing customers."

The release of eBuilding 1.4 gives users powerful software updates for more efficient site setup and the ability configure them more quickly, while also accommodating larger sites. eBuilding's configuration process for new sites has been streamlined by allowing for the duplication of an entire existing site, thereby allowing an existing site to be used as a template for subsequent sites. In addition, eBuilding's web page graphical controls can now be easily copied and pasted between Facility Pages. Additional improvements have been made in the development system to simplify accessing data from other BACnet devices and readily incorporate data from other BACnet devices into control algorithms, alarm conditions and historical records.




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