July & August  2004

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August 2004

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CABA’s Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council  Thomas J. Lohner, P.E., Vice President, TENG Solutions

The IIBC was formed in 2002 as a direct result of the Technology Roadmap for Intelligent Buildings, a project funded by a number of Canadian government departments and managed by CABA.

myFacility Update  Keith Gipson, CTO, Impact Facility Solutions

By taking historical data collected from your HVAC, chiller and other systems and having a system that is not only capable of collecting, trending and graphing your data, but can also apply algorithms to determine how well your facility systems are actually operating is very powerful.

Automation products becoming commodities  Tracy Markie, President of Engenuity Systems, Inc

More open systems:  This will be driven by lower installation costs due to better implementation and deployment tools and technologies, wider product availability, more standards, wider acceptance, and easier, even seamless integration of systems.

July 2004

The technology inside the Lisa “BACnet on a chip”  Jim Lee, President & CEO, Cimetrics Inc.

The interest level for BACnet is growing and the industry is looking at ways of developing and using more BACnet products to implement more BACnet system solutions.

BuilSpec 2004 – Specifying in a time of convergence  Anto Budiardjo, President of Clasma, Inc.

The objective is to bring much needed education on the dynamics driving open systems, integration and IT convergence to consulting and specifying engineers.

DDC Online  Maria Corsi, Technical Director of the National Building Controls Information Program, Iowa Energy Center

DDC Online is a web-based resource that specifying engineers, commissioning providers, building owners, facility managers and others can draw upon to make informed decisions about building controls based on credible information.

Europe centric Advisory Board for BuilConn Europe  Madeleine Bath, Clasma

Being predominantly a European event, it was important for us to have key players in Europe; I believe you currently work mainly in North America which is why you may not know many of the names. In Europe these names are the thought leaders in integration of HVAC, Security and IT.


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