Review - April 2003
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Industry Experts Gather to Educate and Cross Pollinate

Ken Sinclair, 

Industry Experts Gather to Educate and Cross Pollinate Industry at the Building Connection Forum April 23-26 in Dallas.

Have you seen the list of industry experts assembled to delivery the message at BuilConn?

"The Automator"
New Products
Past Issues


Read through this prestigious list carefully and note the scope and the reach of these experts. Imagine each of their powerful messages guided by a moderator and an audience that wants to know what these powerful messages mean personally and to our industry. New conclusions will be drawn, and cross pollination will occur at all levels.

The width, and especially the depth, of this never-before-assembled who's who of our industry is clearly going to alter history.

Congratulations to the Content Development Board for an excellent job.

The Content Development Board oversaw the creation of Conference content, assisting with and selecting presenters. This will be a great roundup of the industry free thinkers in the BuilConn Corral - forum in Dallas. This forum has great potential to propel our industry into successful and constructive convergence.

Independent of the presentation impact to the attendees, the simple cross pollination within each of the many panels will forever change how we view each protocol camp and interlocking industry. The forum will set the scene for moving on and for providing more comprehensive services to our clients. Our industry has always prided itself in secret sales plans to capture market share. This is the first acknowledgement that uniting for a greater cause could propel our industry forward faster while greatly increasing our creditability with building owners and designers.

I believe that the presenters and attendees of the Forum will for the first time begin to comprehend the meaning and magnitude of the words "Integration" and  "Integrator". They will learn that integration does not just mean one protocol or even one industry and that integration is a process that is ongoing.

The new style of integrator provides a powerful connection to the building’s occupants. In addition, there are greater strengths in the fact that successful integration can insure that building energy is purchased at the lowest cost from the environmentally correct source. Once the energy arrives at the building, remote expert operators can insure that this energy is used to create the greatest comfort for the least environmental impact. To insure that the original system design intent is achieved this same well-executed integration can provide real-time feedback and interaction to the original designers.  The ongoing virtual  interaction with the building by both occupants and designers will lead to increasing overall real and perceived values for building owners.

Come and be part of this event.  Share your input, and be prepared to have your views changed. Do not miss your chance to be part of this history altering melding of our industry. 

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