August 2018

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Andy McMillanEMAIL INTERVIEW –  Andy McMillan and Ken Sinclair

Andy McMillan, President of BACnet International

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BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) serves as the global focal point for BACnet product testing and certification. The primary players are the BTL Working Group (BTL-WG), the BTL-WG Chair and the BTL Manager.  We heard there is a change coming in BTL leadership, so we invited Andy McMillan, President of BACnet International to answer a few questions about it.

Sinclair:  What is changing in the BTL leadership?

McMillan:  The BTL Manager is a critical component of the BACnet global certification and testing process.  With the current BTL Manager moving on to other interests, we are looking to fill that role by contracting with one or more experts in the field to provide technical and management services.

Sinclair:  What technical expertise are you looking for?

McMillan:  The technical expertise required includes detailed knowledge of BACnet protocol implementation and an understanding of product testing. The tasks include technical review of test results, product implementation guidance, test development, test process documentation and test automation tool definition.

Sinclair:  What management expertise are you looking for?

McMillan:  The management expertise we need includes project and process management as well as strong communication and collaboration skills in an international setting. The tasks include project and process management for testing oversight activities, including recognition of test organizations, demonstration of test results equivalency among test organizations and verification of testing efficacy.

Sinclair:  Do the technical and management services have to be provided by the same person?

contemporary McMillan:  No. The current BTL Manager fills both the technical and management roles but going forward we are open to  having the technical services and the management services provided by different people.

Sinclair:   Are these full-time positions?

McMillan:  We might contract with one person on a full-time basis, or we might contract with several people on a part-time basis. It depends on the skills and availability of the people who apply. 

Sinclair:  What else can you tell us about these positions? 

McMillan:  To be successful, candidates must have substantial, relevant experience, skills and expertise in BACnet and Building Automation. In addition, both the technical and management positions require some amount of domestic and international travel.

Sinclair:  How could someone interested in providing these services learn more about these opportunities? 

McMillan:  Interested individuals can get more information or submit their qualifications by sending an email to me at


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