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Control Solutions, Inc

Anto BudiardjoBuilConn™ 2003 Update - February 2003

Anto Budiardjo, President of Clasma, Inc. 

You need to look at BuilConn as not just another conference or tradeshow. 
That’s why we called it the “Building Connections Forum”. 

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Pervasive Internet and Networked Building Systems Convergence - January 2003

Glen Allmendinger, President of Harbor Research, Inc.

The next "big thing" will be the advent of true web services in a machine-to-machine communications context. That is, information objects from a diverse range of equipment, sub-systems and devices will be able to communicate with no human intervention.

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New features in High-Tech Contractor Cost Estimating Software - January 2003

Al De Wachter, President, ICS (Independent Control Specialists Inc) 

We are releasing four different versions or 'levels' of Concerto to match the needs of various clients. This means that contractors who do a lot of repetitive work with small projects can benefit from a streamlined program version, while contractors that get involved in larger projects have access to a full suite of features. 

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