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IT Forecast 2011: SYSPRO's Benadretti Looks to the World of Business Computing in 2011 and Beyond

Joey BenadrettiInterview with Joey Benadretti, President of SYSPRO USA

This interview was originally published by SYSPRO December 6/10

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As 2010 winds down, business leaders are asked for their predictions for the coming year and beyond. The majority of these prognosticators simply project existing trends within the context of anticipated global economic conditions. However, in a recent interview, SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti made some creative predictions based on his recent business experience, his service on various organizational boards, and his ongoing, interactive communications with SYSPRO's customer base of manufacturers and distributors.

Hi Joey, thank you for taking the time to sharing your 2011 business insights. What do you see as the dominant business trend in the coming years?

Joey Benadretti: Better use of technology and information will continue to be a key driver for businesses of all sizes. Perhaps a positive outcome of the current recession is that it forces companies to examine every facet of their business, to find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Many companies now realize that the way to achieve these goals is to make better use of technology. Companies are looking to take technology to the next level.

What technologies in the software industry are driving this trend?

Joey Benadretti: The use of mobile technologies in business will continue to explode. Mobile devices such as smart phones and portable computers, are driving companies toward ubiquitous instant information access for timely decision making. Mobile communications will facilitate better intra-company communications, as well as with trading partners and customers. For example, the ability to trace orders and shipments remotely greatly elevates levels of customer service.

Do you see data becoming an increasingly critical business asset?

Joey Benadretti: Maximizing data availability to produce relevant information is power in business, and organizations will continue to become increasingly sophisticated in the way all levels of management can access such information. Dashboards are no longer just for top executives, staff at all levels will access dynamic business views. We're seeing an increasing reliance on real-time data for effective and expedient decision making.

What types of software do you expect to play a more prominent role?

The recession enveloping world economies for the past several years is driving even small manufacturers and distributors to abandon their spreadsheet-based business tools and simple accounting systems. They are compelled to deploy solutions to enhance their agility to adjust to current conditions and prepare for future downturns and upturns.   

Manufacturers and distributors of all sizes will turn to sophisticated software tools to manipulate data and facilitate accurate forecasting to lean current and future operations.  The goal will be to maintain sufficient inventories to serve customer demand, but not be saddled with excessive inventories during periods of weak demand.

How will they achieve this?

Joey Benadretti: Executives will leverage their digital dashboards, business modeling tools, and other insightful data to facilitate effective decision-making.

Manufacturers and distributors will concentrate on building highly efficient supply chains to enhance throughput and operational flexibility. There will be an increasing emphasis on supply chain visibility to maximize supply chain controls.

Is there a green side to these cost-cutting trends?

Joey Benadretti: Green and sustainability will continue to influence business decisions, but they will no longer be a top priority.

Hybrid deployments of technology will become more commonplace as ways to reduce costs while maintaining stringent security. Greater attention will be afforded to Internet-based applications, and the much needed effort to provide total security of passage.

What role will CRM play?

Joey Benadretti: The use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will grow in importance as businesses increase their focus on the customer needs.

Large corporations will consolidate their computing structures, yet they will move away from huge corporate ERP solutions, such as SAP, to more flexible and less costly mid-market ERP solutions.

contemporary Are social media of growing importance?

Joey Benadretti: Social media will be increasingly used to support all aspects of business, including marketing, sales, and customer service. 

What skill sets will technology workers need in the coming years?

Joey Benadretti: Hiring within the IT community will become reliant on better individual skill sets and a more focused attention to current technologies.

Are you a future optimist?

All in all, the future of IT is very promising. The requirement for integrated modern software managed by schooled, technologically savvy individuals will help US midmarket companies regain much of the competitive edge that was lost during the current downturn.

For more information on SYSPRO please read the blog at http://www.responsibleERP.com or follow up on twitter @SYSPRO_USA for product information please go to http://www.SYSPRO.com

Joey Benadretti
Joey Benadretti has over 30 years’ experience in working with manufacturers and distributors and has spent the past 25 years with SYSPRO.  As SYSPRO President and Director of Operations for the Americas, he has concentrated on building an in-depth organization to meet the growing needs of both the company’s expanding reseller channel and the SYSPRO user base. 

Benadretti has extensive experience in working with senior industry consultants, analyst firms and editors and is extremely active in the software community.  Benadretti is highly regarded in ERP circles for his marketing capabilities, strategic initiatives and thought leadership. He is routinely interviewed by industry experts, sits on the advisory boards of some key industry publications and has been instrumental in positioning the global SYSPRO brand.

Benadretti has also been a driving factor in drawing industry recognition to SYSPRO, including “Company of the Year” honors as well as the receipt of a long-list of other industry awards and accolades. 

Prior to joining SYSPRO, Benadretti worked as a senior management consultant in direct marketing systems and techniques. He also ran his own business recruiting top notch young athletes for sports scholarships in the United States. He holds several degrees and diplomas in Business and Marketing and has been a leading contender for a number of top entrepreneurial awards.



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