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Ken Sinclair

Comments by Ken Sinclair
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Happy New Year! Hang on tight because it is going to be a wild ride in a year of radical change for our industry. Be sure to read all the articles, predictions and takes on the changes for 2014 plus my views in the rear view mirror of 2013.
Our January issue is themed “Concurrent Collaboration” and speaks to the power of concurrency inside the cloud and how it can propel us to new solutions at dizzy speeds in our journey to achieve the ultimate in collaborated converged products and services.
The strength of this approach is that these concurrent paths keep evolving and becoming stronger increasing our collaborated strengths.
To effectively use these new cloud tools we need to first understand their existence, then their power, weakness and strengths, while collecting them and making them part of our collaborated vision of our new products and services.
How do we document this new vision of collaborated cloud? I propose we put it in a cloud container called “SLACKnet” not to be confused with BACnet, the standard network protocol for building automation system.

SLACKnet is not a network but a loose fitting net that is a virtual bonding of the online functionality we wish to make part of our client's user experience. This is an extremely flexible, malleable mashup of collected cloud services and concurrent thinking, mixed with our real time generated data.  This softer, wider, looser, SLACKnet thinking is posed to change the world.  BTW this is presently occurring with or without us, so best we pay attention and get involved. So what are the mandatory requirements of your products and services SLACKnet and how will it best serve your clients?
Some of the concurrent web services that are evolving that are destined to be gathered in the SLACKnet and become part of our constantly evolving BEMS and Enterprise Energy Management presentations are; energy reporting, fault detection, deep analytics, building assets, CMMS, BMS, corporate indicators, and as you can see below even social media.

As usual not sure where I am going with this SLACKnet thing or even why, but somehow I feel compelled to explore the creation of a cloud container that would document our mandatory requirements for our collaborate collection of cloud services, for our clients and for all our products and services as an industry.

Very pleased to have you jump in with your thoughts and comments.  "Ken has completely lost it is a valid comment." When working in virtual worlds finding new ways to express clearly what we are doing is always a challenge. Remember AutomatedBuildings.com business model is selling virtual holes in virtual media and yet somehow that has worked for the last 15 years.

Please join this discussion on Linkedin SLACKnet group and have some fun.
We are very pleased to have an interview with the real people at Building Robotics who are introducing us to a virtual Comfy in this interview "Control by the People For the People".

Comfy is a piece of cloud software that plugs into existing Building Management Systems, which they do via BACnet.  Comfy reveals who shares a thermal zone with you, and what changes others have made. This is critical for the psychology of how Comfy works. We’re taking a lot of things that used to be confusing and opaque, and making them transparent.

In this article Generic Language for EnOcean Networks  With Generic Profiles, the EnOcean Alliance has further developed the standardized interoperable communication. This article sets the mold for other protocols to get on with development of their Generic Network Control Languages and the ability to do protocol conversion on the fly.  Great work EnOcean.

Our industry is abuzz with change and I feel compelled to keep the flood gates open. I know I am starting to talk funny for an old building automation guy using words like SLACKnet, concurrency, collaboration, disruption, building bridges, and connecting to things that are automatically smart that just get smarter, but it is not just me, but the industry that is changing. We just publish what they all have to say while trying to ride out the information tsunamis.

Reliable Controls I am extremely pleased with our first issue of 2014 and look forward to great discussions at our sessions at AHRExpo New York.

We welcome our newest sponsors;

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and Cylon Energy.  Cylon Energy Inc is the North American division of Cylon Controls a pioneer and a recognised international leader in the development of smart energy management systems for buildings for over 27 years.   

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Editorial from December 2013

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