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XML Update From Chicago Meeting June 3, 2003

As reported to Ken Sinclair


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. To say the least things have been very hectic between the work on the XML guideline and my "day job" here at Trane! The minutes have been taking 1 - 2 weeks to get published since I have been creating them and then Kirk adds comments then we distribute them. The result is a higher quality document but some significant delays - we need to work on that.

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I agree that you are a tremendous resource in bringing industry wide attention to this issue. Your coverage on the web site and in the column in ES has been great.

Here is something that you can help us with right now. We have a pretty strong committee in place. There is good broad interest and membership and even better we have very strong technical support for each of the working groups. But our participation is largely within the industry. For example we have most of the HVAC control companies, several security companies, one from fire alarm, etc. What we don't have enough of is facility managers and end users. One of our initial tasks is to create a series of "use cases" that will provide a model to describe the functionality of the guideline. To be truly valid we need input and participation by end users in working to create these. So helping us find facility managers, energy managers, asset managers, property managers, etc. who would be willing to participate over the next 2 - 3 months would be great.



Attached, please find the minutes of the June 3, 2003 XML/Web Services Guideline Committee meeting/teleconference. Thank you to everyone who participated (despite the frequent change of meeting time and date). For those who weren't able to participate this time, we look forward to having you at the next meeting in October. The presentation that Paul used during the meeting (which is referenced in the minutes) and an updated Guideline document with an edited mission statement based on the meeting discussion are also attached. If there are any questions or comments or if you are interested in joining one of the working groups please contact either Paul or me. Committee minutes, mission and participants can also be found on the CABA web site at:

CABA XML Guideline Meeting 06-03-03 R2.doc

Guideline for XML for use in Facility Management.doc 

XML Web Services Guideline June 3 preso.ppt

Paul Ehrlich
Business Development
Trane GCC and Chairman of the XML/Web Services Guideline Cttee.
Tel: 651.407.4028


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