July / August 2006

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Editorial Comments by Ken Sinclair

Letters to the editor

August 2006Our summer plans which included getting the August issue out a few days early seem to work well with our content providers. We will add a few updates and changes early in August to catch anything we may have missed by getting out early. We have no shortage of news and interesting industry trends, views and event previews.

We are excited to see that the article LONWORKS Converges with IP  The two worlds of LON and IP are set to converge in a big way in Amsterdam this October 3-5 at ConnectivityWeek Europe.  Tracy Markie, Chairman LONMARK International

From the article

Recognizing this trend, LONMARK International has taken significant steps to enable this convergence. The organization has already defined and published framework documents describing a System-level view and architecture using both IP and LONWORKS technology. They have also initiated a worldwide training and certification program for System Integrators to become certified as installers and integrators, providing a qualified, reliable team to satisfy the huge demand for system integration.

Convergence will bring enormous opportunities to vendors and integrators of LON products, systems, and solutions. It provides a vehicle for stakeholders to take advantage of the pervasiveness of IP for their LON assets; and more importantly to get in front of a new breed of owners.

A major positive shift for the Lon community that I feel will be very well received by all. Lots of news from the LON Camp

We have a preview of something else that is happening in Amsterdam.

ibX Forum - Building Value with Intelligence The first session is about Building the Value Bridge and developing the demand side models so that the business case can be proven to building owners and users.The second session will evaluate the market opportunities in Europe for delivering total building solutions.

Jane and I are planning to go to Singapore 2006 please be sure to read Anto and I interview for insight on this event. 

July 2006  The industry is spinning in fast forward which is pushing our magazine's industry interactions to the next plateau.

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Our readership growth occurs during the event season each year then we follow with a new higher than ever plateau which we seem to be holding now at just over a million hits a month with just over 100,000 visits per month. Thank you industry for make us your B2B web resource. Just when we think we totally understand our readership this months most read article is not from this month issue but our March issue Tom Hartman's Part 3 New Vistas With Relational Control   Be sure to read May Interviews What’s Relational Control?

Have you heard? John Petze leaves Tridium to create another river of change as CEO of Privaris  Please join me in wishing John all the best in his new venture; our industry will miss him deeply.

Be sure to catch up with Anto as BuilConn Next Steps – Going Global

Lots of great articles and interviews in this month's issue.

We have been working on improving our web site by reorganizing how we handle the great number of news release we receive daily.  We now provide a HomeToys RSS News Feed News Feed ( Which Needs a RSS Feed Reader ) and have provided a New Our RSS news feed rendered into HTML

If you are like I was and do not know what RSS is RSS is a Web content syndication format.  The name is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Read here for more details http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss

We are slowly figuring it all out so bear with us as we install this new news service. Please share with us any suggestions you have to better use this approach and others to keep moving our web site forward to meet your needs. Our News Briefs are now handled as news feed items and archived for now in a similar format as before.

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Be sure to check our event calendar to see the number events we have in our future.

As I always say, it is a great time to be in the news business for our industry. 

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