June 2012

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Ken Sinclair
Comments by Ken Sinclair
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Opening Open

This month's theme leapt off my tongue in cheek review of the summit, insight below, but Opening Open is an evolving reality as you can see by this month's great content.

The Niagara Summit themed "Innovation (R)evolution" in Las Vegas was a mini Woodstock for the creative connection community, the newly found cloud collaborators, unconventional control contractors, super integrators, connection want-to-be’s, control propeller heads (those that talk about change and detail at a level that makes your head spin) and of course those just simply lost in transition all very much enjoying the event while moving ahead rapidly during a time of great change.

So, I have been to the Summit and back.  What did I see?

A clear vision of not only who we are now, but a vision of who we can be if we change in a changing world.

Consensus is a cancer that leads to compromise, concept collision creates change while forcing collaboration.

This band of mixed mission folks is moving the sleepy old building automation industry ahead with radical change.  It was great to see the "Wouldstock" taking the 'in dust' out of our industry.

The flower power was in the mature connection community created by the controllable openness of the Niagara Framework that allows each to have their own open system. How clever? They would have never made that transition without each unconventional control contractor/integrator thinking it was their proprietary system.  Absolutely Brilliant!  Now they can share apps, have specialized open standards drivers, have several competing visualization/analytic services for all to use while growing faster as a community than they could as individuals.  Whoops, we just discovered the true power of open.

Please read my tongue in cheek review of the event “What did I see from the Summit?”

I ask for change and I get it, give this article a read; the technology imbeds customer business rules and objectives (energy, maintenance, comfort and sustainability) directly into the suite of solutions. Through their automated technology they determine the optimal operational balance that is unique to a facility and all this hosted a cloud-based service that offers reliable, scalable solutions that optimize facility systems performance to maximize maintenance and energy savings.

These are the goals of the cloud-based service

- Do not need to go onsite for setup or installation
- No hardware
- No software
- Scalable platform built in a constantly monitored and distributed Cloud environment

Wow! that is a head shake for our industry and they are working to achieve this goal now with facilities worldwide and over 400 million square feet of managed customer space.

Plus this article speaks to open as well; A Customer Focused Approach   As facility managers and building owners become more educated about open systems, they become more sophisticated and verbal about what they need

As always this new issue is a nest of great articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news depicting our rapidly evolution and journey to "Openness"

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Ezenics - Ezenics Optimized Operational Readiness technology implements your business rules and objectives for energy, maintenance, comfort and sustainability and then integrates directly into your facility's Building Management System. 

Welcome our returning sponsor: Millennial Net, Inc. - Millennial Net, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless energy management solutions designed for commercial, public and industrial buildings. The company’s MeshScape Energy Management System consists of a wireless sensor network combined with internet technologies.

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Editorial from May 2012

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