June 2019

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System Integrators Sales Challenges and Opportunities

Exploring the effect of BAS industry change on System Integrator sales & marketing.
Kevin McCaughey

Kevin McCaughey
Your Growth Engine, LLC


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We all know there is change in the Building Automation industry. This article explores the sales and marketing challenges and opportunities System Integrators face, given all the change.

Controls-Con in Detroit last month explored the latest technologies and the possibilities of Building Controls and the Internet of Things (IoT) in commercial and industrial buildings. This month at IBCON, the theme was Recalibrate Using Innovation to Turn Challenges into Opportunities.

Amidst so much industry change, what changes can System Integrators make to compete effectively and meet sales & growth targets?

SI Challenges

A Systems Integrator faces sales and growth challenges on three fronts: 1) with clients, 2) in the market, and 3) in its business.

Challenges from the Client Side

Challenges in the Market (to name just a few)

SI Business Challenges

SI Opportunities

contemporary Expect Better Results

Meeting the challenge and capturing the opportunities is a question of both sales and marketing working together. The market will reward System Integrators who are best at meeting the needs of B2B buyers in both a digital and in-person fashion.

Traditionally, System Integrators have succeeded with a strong, in-person sales presence in the market. Five and ten years ago that was a recipe for success.

Today, the recipe has changed. An in-person only approach is insufficient to win the best opportunities in today’s Building Automation market.

Marketing’s ability to deliver your digital story is essential to complete the quality buying experience expected by modern building owners and managers.

About Your Growth Engine, LLC
Your Growth Engine, LLC, led by Kevin McCaughey is dedicated to delivering marketing services to building automation system integrators that drive sales and growth in their business. More than any other marketing partner, Your Growth Engine knows building automation and security. You get results faster and we work seamlessly as a member of your team due to our industry experience. Your marketing sounds like it was produced by people who work in the industry, because we do! For your System Integration business, Your Growth Engine can Attract New Clients, Increase Sales Effectiveness, Create New Revenues Streams, Enter New markets, and Increase Share of Wallet.


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