March 2012

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Mark BishopEMAIL INTERVIEWMark Bishop and Ken Sinclair

Mark Bishop, President, LynTec

Mark Bishop is the owner of LynTec, a thirty-year-old company that manufactures customized control systems for the installed audio, video and lighting industries.  Since his acquisition of LynTec in 2006, Mark has been instrumental in upgrading LynTec’s line of controllable power panels to include web browser control/monitoring, integrated power conditioning, electrical current monitoring and smart-phone control.

Prior to joining LynTec in the AV industry, Mark was a 25-year veteran of the CATV industry, holding a variety of sales, marketing, management and senior-management positions. 

Controllable Circuit Breakers

 Designers can use the built-in web server on the RPC control board as the gateway to preprogram the zoning with a browser, and then operate and monitor the system on their Android (or Apple) phone or tablet.

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LynTec, the leading provider of controllable circuit breaker panels for the A/V/L industry announces the availability of its Android based application to round out its full line of mobile solutions for the RPC power control platform. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to their Apple applications released in 2011, LynTec has developed an Android app for this popular platform.  The app enables users to turn on or off pre-established circuit "zones", control individual circuits, and to monitor the status of the panel.  

Sinclair:  It appears LynTec has a variety of ways to simplify circuit breaker and power controls can you give me a quick overview of your panel options?

Bishop:  We have a wide variety of circuit breaker panels to meet a wide variety of applications, they include Relay Based Sidecars, Load Centers and Motorized Circuit Breaker Panels with full remote control capabilities.

Sinclair:  Is there one particular area where the market and clients seem to be most interested these days?

Bishop:  The Motorized Circuit Breaker Panels with network control have been tremendously well received, and now with our Apple and Android apps there has been an overwhelmingly positive reception to wireless system control capabilities.  View our video

Sinclair:  What are some of the control options for the Motorized Circuit Breaker Panels?

Bishop:  We have Sequencing, DMX Control, RS-232 Control, Web Browser and TCP/IP network based controls.

Control Solutions, Inc Sinclair:  Is there any green aspect to your product that we should know more about with regard to energy monitoring?

Bishop:  For anything connected to the circuit breaker panels, you can set up automated turn on / off sequences.   Some of our energy management advantages include Current monitoring and breaker status monitoring that can be provided directly at our panel. This relieves the need for separate boxes or wiring saving materials and installation costs. This feature also sends an email message alert if current draw exceeds set parameters warning you of potential electrical problems.   In addition, our automated or sensor driven control can also be provided via the panel. The digital I/O ports allow circuits or groups of circuits to switch via sensors. This provides the ability to turn just about any electronic system on/off through occupancy, vacancy or optical sensors assuring that systems do not remain turned on when not needed.

Sinclair:  I understand you also have products that work with SurgeX, can you tell me a little more about the SurgeX Sidecars for the LynTec panels?

Bishop:  Electrical surge elimination can also be added to the panel protecting any device on the circuit, not just a single outlet or device. This is provided via a partnership we have with SurgeX. Lyntec can build SurgeX surge elimination modules into the panel for as many or as few circuits as requested.


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