March 2013

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Ken Sinclair

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Our March theme - Platforms, Frameworks, and Databases focuses on the fact that our industries’ connection communities have all converged at a similar place and point to the cloud. We all work with real time data or very fluid data and need to stabilize this slippery substance.  The conclusion is we must store this data somewhere with a time freeze so we can analyze and visualize from anywhere by any device. The data model is similar for all real time data industries and is what convergence is all about.  We need to raise our gazes from our navels and look up and around at all the evolving data models and their interactions with everything. We need to learn to interact and decide how we can best bring value to our data. Data as a Service (DAAS) is a new concept for most of us and we need to better understand these new tools. is committed to learning and teaching by connection to those leading us on this journey.

In an example of this convergence, I find myself interviewing my daughter about her company's new product - Smart O & M manuals. Like I saw that! We had chatted in the past of trends we saw in the industries that were similar, but now here we are on the same page.

We are extremely pleased with this issue; is has a great scope of articles, interviews, and columns speaking to the theme.

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Editorial from February 2013

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