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Haystack Connect

Final Update before the Event

John Petze,
Board Member, Project-Haystack Corp

Haystack Connect 2015

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In just under three weeks professionals from across the world and the domains of building automation, energy management and the Internet of Things will join together at a unique industry event – Haystack Connect 2015.

Haystack focuses on the challenges involved in utilizing the data from our growing world of smart devices in order to create value from that data. As more and more organizations work to integrate data from these diverse devices and systems they encounter an often unexpected challenge. That being that device data doesn’t include any standard way to describe “what it is”. For example, a sensor reading provides a value but no indication of what it is sensing. This presents a huge challenge to the organization trying to utilize that data in applications to better manage their assets and facilities.
As more and more businesses encounter the challenge in this new era of “data”, they find that there is actually a solution – one that is proven, installed in thousands of sites and is open source and free to use. That solution is Project-Haystack - an open source, community driven solution to make data self-describing.
Initially founded by a small group of people that saw the need for what is now known as data semantics (or to the layman – data tagging), the work of the community has grown tremendously since March of 2011. 
contemporary If you want to learn about Project-Haystack, and from the leaders that are successfully tackling the challenge of data integration across systems and applications you owe it to yourself to attend Haystack Connect. It a truly unique event addressing the key issues involved in building smart solutions that create value from the data being created by our world of smart devices.
There is still time to register and learn more about the event and the organizations that have contributed their resources to sponsor this important conference. You can get all of the details, and register at

One other great reason to attend HaystackConnect -- the IBB (Interoperable Blues Band) will return! See leaders in our industry rock out. Full details on the IBB including photos from previous events and the 2015 play list here:


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