May 2017

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A Smart Building in a Box (And a Bag)

Unitary kits reduce confusion, combining all required materials into a single bag, and combining separate installation manuals into a single, project-specific set, including precise floor locations for each device.
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There are many reasons why a systems integrator may find themselves struggling to achieve organizational growth.
They may feel restricted to a geographical area, choosing not to bid projects outside of their comfort zone not because they don’t feel qualified, but because they can’t afford to send employees to site to complete the work.
The geographical problem can be compounded if they struggle to find trustworthy subcontractors to complete installation or other aspects of a project’s scope.
Maybe they are restricted to projects of a certain size because they don’t have the manpower or other resources required to complete device programming, or strategic vendor relationships to eliminate headaches associated with material orders.
Whatever the reason, some integrators are struggling to grow, scale and take advantage of the ever-evolving opportunities on the market.
A unique offering by The Panel Shoppe aims to solve that problem and remove some of the common hurdles to growth and scale.
Custom-built, UL-listed control panels complete with project-specific programming from a controlled environment provide the solution to the problems these integrators face.

The ability to order a complete project, based on user-submitted specification allows integrators of all sizes to compete for lucrative work outside of their geographic footprint, and scale to take on much larger projects than they may be able to complete in-house.
This type of offering brings work that is often completed by technicians in the field into a controlled environment, reducing the likelihood of error and resulting in consistently clean, professional work. Integrators now have the ability to spend more time designing their project, focusing their resources where they are most effective and efficient.
With the help of The Panel Shoppe, Master Systems Integrator Hepta Systems recently completed a large project covering several bank branches across multiple countries without ever sending a technician into the field.
Principles of co-competition drive companies like Hepta Systems and The Panel Shoppe, offering shared resources the same way companies like Uber or Lyft share means of transportation.
New integrators may offer the same high-end part numbers as any well-established competitor, but also have the option of creating their own custom SKU if they prefer a unique solution.
The intelligent buildings industry as a whole is working together to determine the best methods to undertake the explosive growth companies throughout the space are enjoying, and there is much to be learned from seemingly unrelated businesses who offer traditional services in new and exciting ways.


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