November 2007

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Why Green Buildings Are Key to Asia's Future


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“It is heartening to find that the Asia Business Council has focused on the energy efficiency of buildings in Asia. This report is extremely valuable, particularly since the Asian region is experiencing a building boom, and correct designs and building practices at this stage can ensure energy efficiency and limitations on emissions of greenhouse gases for decades to come.”  - R K Pachauri, PhD & 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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Buildings account for around 30 percent of the world’s total energy consumption and a similar percentage of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. But most buildings in Asia are surprisingly inefficient at using energy for lighting, heating and cooling. More than half of the world’s new construction is taking place in China and India alone, yet the potential for efficiency gains in the building sector is largely being squandered. Many of the costly and environmentally damaging power plants now being built to fuel Asia’s growth could be avoided with better policies and practices.

The Asia Business Council in late Autumn 2007 released an in-depth study of the problems and opportunities in this area. This ground-breaking study, which includes interviews with more than 70 experts, looks at how large energy savings can be achieved in Asia through better building design and operation—and highlighting what businesses and governments are doing now as well as what should be done to realize both economic and environmental benefits.



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