November 2007

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November 2007
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1st Buildings under ControlTM Symposium  Mag. Josef Wojak, MBA, LOYTEC electronics GmbH
LOYTEC as the host together with its cooperation partners Newron System (France) und Cimetrics (USA) took positive stock of the 1st Buildings under ControlTM Symposium.

ZEB - Zero Energy Buildings explained Toby Considine
Some of the so-called “Zero Energy” initiatives envision each building supported by multiple on-site energy collection and generation systems. Based upon the building’s operating posture, and the mix of energy sources available, such a building would pull 35% or less of its total energy budget from the grid. If the facility includes local buffering and storage of electrical energy, whether this buffering is in the form of souped-up traditional batteries or new-fangled hydrogen storage, this become viable.

Why Green Buildings Are Key to Asia's Future
“It is heartening to find that the Asia Business Council has focused on the energy efficiency of buildings in Asia. This report is extremely valuable, particularly since the Asian region is experiencing a building boom, and correct designs and building practices at this stage can ensure energy efficiency and limitations on emissions of greenhouse gases for decades to come.”

How SOA could change the way you buy electricity Joanne Cummings, Network World, 10/22/07
A demonstration network called GridWise showed how an event-driven service-oriented architecture can be used to build a power marketplace that lets residential and commercial customers change their electricity consumption nearly in real time, based on price and other factors.

Extreme Real Estate: Pacific Controls HQ in Dubai!
Take a look at this Digie Award-winning Pacific Controls Headquarters in Dubai, which is the first-of-its-kind, LEED Platinum rated, Green Building to also use solar energy for lighting and fresh air cooling. In addition, PCS headquarters has an integrated building automation system that uses both wired and wireless sensors, controls, and M2M communications.

October 2007
Building Automation and Sustainability Conference - Phoenix - Ken Sinclair
This was the first time ever that BACnet International and the Engineered Systems magazine joined forces to put on the three day show.



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