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Building Connections Forum 2003

Anto Budiardjo, Clasma Inc. 

I have observed in my years that there is no forum, event, expo or any formal gathering that focuses totally on controls. No event or gathering for manufacturers, distributors, integrators, contractors, dealers and resellers to meet. 

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Control Solutions, Inc

Considerations to be Made When Investing into LonWorks Web Serving Technology - September 2002

Gary Bark, Sales and Marketing Director, Plexus Technology Ltd

Servers should be no more complex to implement than a traditional graphical user interface. This is a very important consideration when buying into Web Serving technology. Ensure that all the tools to configure the Web Servers are included with the product and there are no expensive extras to purchase.

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Interoperable, Open Systems. Are We There Yet? - September 2002

Today, with the advances in high-tech, the opportunity to build a platform for integrating disparate devices, managing in a web-based environment, and interacting with enterprise software applications is possible. 

Ed Richards, Co-founder and Senior VP Business Development, Envenergy, Inc

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Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Protocol - September 2002

A DALI system can add valuable extra flexibility through its feedback of lighting system information to the BMS, automatically identifying failed lamps and ballasts and allowing central monitoring of ballast power and dimming levels. 

Stuart Berjansky, Product Manager, Dimming Advance Transformer Co.

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Extending Building Automation Networks - August 2002

George Thomas, President and Founder, Contemporary Controls

You need to understand the rules for the technology you support.

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