September & October 2004

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October 2004

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Using ControlSpecBuilder  Greg McFarland, P.E., Mechanical Engineer, Davis Design

I use it on any project that needs more than just a standard programmable thermostat, though I do use it occasionally on those types of systems when the system might be networked in the future and I want the current system to be ready for the connection.

Using CtrlSpecBuilder  Scott Sinclair , P Eng, Owner, President, Sinclair Environmental Solutions

CtrlSpecBuilder is a great tool that allows an engineer to design a DDC system with the latest ASHRAE guidelines with BACnet Protocol.

September 2004

The Who, What, Where, and When of BuilSpec   Paul Ehrlich and Anto Budiardjo

The BuilSpec seminar series was created to provide technical owners and consulting engineers with an objective and clear understanding of the technologies, initiatives and trends that are reshaping the building systems playing field.

An Outlet for Affordable Building Control Parts  Jeff Reid, Owner Automation Parts Warehouse

We are a new start-up company providing an outlet for customers who have existing building control systems an avenue for affordable and reliable pre-owned parts.

Wireless Sensing Solutions Conference  Jennifer LaFond, Group Vice President, IDG World Expo

Unlike the other sensor or networking events out there, this event addresses the specific challenges and the specific opportunities that one will encounter when creating a wireless sensor network.

i&i limited and Intelligent Buildings 2004  Alan Kell MSc BSc, i&i limited

We’ve got a focussed exhibition of leading companies and organisations, and an extensive conference programme designed to address three key questions: (i) why are intelligent buildings needed? (ii) what systems and solutions are now available for intelligent buildings? (iii) How do we deliver and manage intelligent buildings?

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