Press Release - April 2003
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Leading Extinguisher Gauge Manufacturer MIJA Introduces a New Era in Monitored Security with EN-Gauge* at ISC/Expo West

High-tech gauge is the first to enable fire extinguishers to be monitored electronically via existing fire alarm & security systems.

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ROCKLAND, MA - MIJA, the proven leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing of over two thousand styles of high quality, low cost pressure gauges, announced the launch of EN-Gauge*, a multi-patented, active monitoring capability for fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems. This new technology allows, for the first time ever, fire extinguishers to become a fully supervised component of a monitored fire alarm or security system. Electronic monitoring of fire extinguishers as provided via EN-Gauge is recognized and permitted for use by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). 

EN-Gauge is being demonstrated at the MIJA booth number 17037S at ISC/Expo West in Las Vegas, NV, March 26-28, 2003.  EN-Gauge utilizes a unique, modified Hall-effect switch to meet NFPA-10 inspection requirements by enabling constant monitoring for pressure and presence, while using sonar to determine whether there is an obstruction to access, as opposed to the standard, labor intensive monthly physical inspections. In addition, EN-Gauge signals an alert the moment a fire extinguisher is removed from its proper location, raising awareness of a potential life-safety situation. 

 While fire extinguishers play a crucial role in fire safety as the first line of defense against small fires, they are passive, stand-alone, silent sentinels that are vulnerable to being moved, inadvertently set off, vandalized or used for non-life safety functions such as propping open a door. EN-Gauge provides an added sense of security by assuring business and residential owners and occupants that an alert will be sent to the fire alarm or security system if a fire extinguisher's effectiveness is  compromised. 

The first major breakthrough in fire extinguisher design and utility in over fifty years, electronic monitoring moves fire extinguishers into the world of supervised life safety. In commercial settings, EN-Gauge addresses three requirements of NFPA-10: monthly inspections for presence, pressure, and obstruction. According to a 1999 report published by the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED), less than 10% of mandatory monthly physical inspections of fire extinguishers are performed, and of those fire extinguishers inspected, three in four are not in the proper location and one in four is depressurized and therefore rendered completely inoperable. 

One of the cost effective measures included in EN-Gauge is its ability to seamlessly interact with existing systems, habits and regulations, allowing its multiple new functions to be utilized easily. For example, the visual system of the pressure gauge remains simple - the pressure level can be seen via the pointer location on the dial, and the local visual status indicators of the Sensor Interface Module (SIM) works within the confines of just two Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), via a system of separate color and blink-rate codes for easy viewing by service personnel.

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