Press Release - April 2003
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RLE Technologies and Axis Partner to Enhance Physical Surveillance Solutions

Additions to monitoring platform enhance cost-effective remote infrastructure surveillance

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Ft. Collins, Colorado - RLE Technologies, a leader in water leak detection systems and Web-based monitoring solutions, announced today a partnership with Axis Communications, a global leader in the network video market, to enhance RLE's mission-critical Falcon monitoring platform with Axis' network cameras. The addition of Axis network cameras boosts RLE's physical surveillance solution and adds to the breadth of sensors already supported by the Falcon monitoring solution, including temperature, humidity, gas, smoke, power, motion sensors, and others.

Both RLE and Axis customers stand to benefit from the partnership. With the Falcon monitoring solution, Axis' customers can extend surveillance systems to other areas of critical infrastructure, such as power, fire, and environmental machinery. With Axis network cameras, RLE's customers benefit from an integrated, enterprise-class, remote surveillance solution to protect against both equipment failures and physical intrusions, especially at remote, unmanned sites or leased buildings.

Some RLE customers have already installed the Falcon monitoring solution at many of their co-location facilities and data centers in order to conduct remote surveillance and to manage other critical enterprise-wide systems, such as power and fire prevention. The Falcon solution, equipped with Axis network cameras, allows large enterprises to manage cameras and other equipment at all remote sites with ease. Moreover, businesses are notified of any physical intrusion at network speed via email, pager, or cell phone.

For companies large and small, RLE's enhanced physical surveillance solution cost effectively provides more monitoring, alarming, and notification capabilities than traditional surveillance solutions. Also, businesses are able to avoid the cumbersome closed-circuit television (CCTV) system problems that occur, especially at remote, unmanned sites. Unlike CCTV technology, there are no tapes to change and no need to review archived tapes to find exactly when an incident occurred. The Falcon captures only the most crucial moments during the physical intrusion, without additional overhead.

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