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Web Connectivity for the Andover Controls InfinityTM and ContinuumTM

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July 24, 2002 - ADI Integrated Technologies has begun shipping the Andover InfinityTM and ContinuumTM web/i TM, their latest solutions targeting remote web based monitoring and control of facilities with an existing Andover InfinityTM or ContinuumTM building management system.

The Andover InfinityTM and ContinuumTM web/i TM features include:

  • ACCESS SITE INFORMATION WITH A BROWSER. There are no complicated programs to learn and no proprietary software on the accessing computer.

  • A TERMINAL EMULATOR RUNNING CONCURRENTLY IN THE BROWSER provides full system programming capabilities, eliminating the need for dial-up modems.

  • REMOTE BACK UP AND RESTORATION OF SYSTEM FILES in the event of an Andover database failure. Database files from the Andover InfinityTM or ContinuumTM EMS are copied onto the web/i or a desktop, and can be easily and quickly restored without requiring an onsite visit from a technician.

  • PLUG AND PLAY INSTALLATION via ADI’s patent pending auto–interrogation technology imports system points into the web/i TM database automatically while building text and PDA based web pages.

  • ALARM MANAGEMENT generates and dispatches alarm messages to pagers, email, PDA’s, web phones, etc.

  • DATA LOGGING AND TRENDING provides the display of data in a graphical or text format. You can also export trend data into many popular software programs like Microsoft ExcelTM.

  • GRAPHICAL CALENDAR BASED SCHEDULER allows viewing and modifying schedules up to one year in advance.

For an online demo of web/i TM Click Here!

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