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NEW BERLIN, Wis.- The introduction of new harmonic control equipment, 12- and 18-pulse input bridge units, expands ABB's ACH DriveIT Low Voltage 400 variable-speed AC drive family - and offers engineers, facility managers and building owners an easy turnkey solution for minimizing harmonics in commercial installations where harmonic distortion is a critical consideration. The new drives are available in a 10 - 700 horsepower range at 200 - 480 VAC and are built in Plenum-rated NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosures; most units are built to contain both the transformers and drives. When required, transformers are available in separate enclosures. ABB's ACH 400 drives have the industry's highest built-in impedance rating/feature -- at 3%. For applications where lower levels of harmonic distortion are a requirement, ABB offers customers a Universal Harmonic Filter (UHF) from Mirus, 12- or 18-pulse rectifiers, or an active rectifier.

Training Programs Maximize Familiarity With Drives, Simulate HVAC Operation

NEW BERLIN, Wis. - To help both individuals and companies take full advantage of the extensive library of pre-programmed application macros in the company's ACH DriveIT Low Voltage 400 AC drives, ABB continues to expand the complement of Computer Based Training (CBT) services for the HVAC drive line.

ABB's ACH 400 CBT program includes training software that guides users through the entire installation-to-implementation process; explains and demonstrates the macros; and simulates both programming exercises and actual "run tests" of the drive and motor. The software not only covers the basic drive, but also covers the bypass and serial communication options. The programs also record student responses for review and further learning.

ABB Adds Enhancements To Side-by-Side Electronic Bypass/Drive

contemporary NEW BERLIN, Wis.-  ABB has added a number of built-in enhancements to the company's Side-by-Side Electronic Bypass/Drive -- ideal for wall mounting and/or fitting into air-handling units and pumping packages on all types of OEM equipment used in the HVAC industry. 

Available in a Plenum-rated NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 enclosure -- integrated with ABB's ACH DriveIT Low Voltage 400 adjustable-speed AC drives -- the two-contactor bypass features both a service switch that disconnects the drive for service, and a main disconnect switch or circuit breaker. The dual switch eliminates downtime, since the motor/load never needs to go offline; this back-up feature - ensuring uninterrupted operation - continues to make bypass drives the preferred choice among more than half of all commercial applications, according to ABB. 

Built-in enhancements to the Bypass/Drive include run-permissive circuitry. Also added into ABB's Bypass/Drive as standard are two modes of fireman's override circuits that make it easy to 1) shift the motor to bypass operation for smoke purge; and/or 2) override both keypad and building automation commands, to ensure local drive/motor operation. Additional design refinements built into the ACH 400 Bypass/Drive include: membrane keypad for bypass operation and status display (bypass H-O-A, override, etc.); fault-reset button for the selectable Class 20 or Class 30 electronic overload; monitor and control of bypass/drive via RS485 serial communication from building automation systems; and selectable manual or automatic transfer from drive to bypass.

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