Press Release - February 2003
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Lighting Network News

Leviton Introduces CD 250 DALI Dimming/Scene Controller

Leviton's CD 250 DALI Dimming/Scene Controller is designed to control fluorescent ballasts that support the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI specification). The new Leviton DALI Controller is ideal for a wide variety of commercial lighting control applications, including small offices, conference rooms and large interior building areas. For maximum versatility, two individual snap-on control faces are provided for ON/OFF Control or Scene control.

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The DALI Dimmer provides ON/OFF and DIM/BRIGHT control for individual addressed ballasts and up to four groups of addressed ballasts. The DALI Scene Controller enables the control of up to 8 preset lighting scenes, either in individual or group mode.

Multiple controllers can be added to the DALI network to support multiple entryways. UP and DOWN control buttons allow precise tuning of selected brightness levels. DALI's Leviton Decora designer styling coordinates with any commercial décor.

The Watt Stopper Adds BACnet Integration Software to Their Lighting Control Panels

SANTA CLARA, CA -  The Watt Stopper announced the release of CC-BACsoft system integration software for the company's Complete Control lighting control panels. As a result, any BACnet compatible building automation system (BAS) may now enjoy the convenience and flexibility of integration with a powerful, full-featured lighting control system. Such an integrated system allows the use of a single BAS software package to monitor multiple control systems, including the lighting control system, HVAC or security networks. BACnet, ASHRAE's building automation and control networking protocol, was designed to provide a single, uniform standard for building control systems.

Complete Control offers intelligent, networked lighting control capabilities for facility-wide lighting. In conjunction with WinControl, Complete Control's administrative software, CC-BACsoft enables facility operators to access and control BACnet compatible systems from one location (single-seat control). In addition, CC-BACsoft also enables automatic sharing of information between BACnet systems without user intervention. For example, an integrated system allows the BAS to automatically schedule HVAC, as well as lighting control and security. CC-BACsoft also allows the BAS to collect and store histories of lighting activity and security in the same format as the HVAC information.

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