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Tridium™ Inc. Announces New Products 

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Richmond, VA. – Tridium, Inc.TM, a leading provider of Internet-enabled, automation software infrastructure and enterprise applications, announced several new products that support the industry wide move to open, interoperable systems - the industry’s first independent, multi-vendor BACnetTM workstation, a new lower cost embedded JACETM platform with on-board I/O, and support for MSTP BACnet devices throughout its VykonTM product line. These products will be featured at the AHR Exhibition in Chicago.

Vykon BACnet SupervisorTM is a fully web-based, vendor-independent, BACnet workstation solution providing users with the ability to view, manage, and control multi-vendor BACnet systems and devices from a common system. The Vykon BACnet Supervisor supports dynamic graphics, alarm and event logs, status summaries, historical trending, and changing of control parameters while providing secure access and an audit trail for facility management. Information from BACnet devices can be directly accessed and managed from common web-browsers. Built upon Tridium’s Niagara Framework, the BACnet also provides a migration path from BACnet–only systems into fully open, multi-protocol Niagara FrameworkTM environments

The JACE 403TM is the latest generation Java Application Control Engine device, providing supervisory control for LonWorksTM products, on-board I/O for auxiliary monitoring and control, and connectivity to other open and proprietary devices via optional drivers. The JACE 403 is fully web-enabled, needing only a common industry standard web browser for user interface. Significantly lower in price than other JACE offerings, the JACE 403 will serve new markets bringing open web-enabled building automation solutions to applications previously served only by proprietary solutions.

Direct support of BACnet MSTP devices into any Niagara Framework JACE controller was also announced via Tridium’s new BACnet MSTP Driver. This software enables RS485 communications to any “native” BACnet controller. Native BACnet controllers are widely available from a number of vendors today. The new BACnet MSTP Driver unlocks these customers from specific vendors allowing them to move forward into an open, multi-vendor, multi-protocol Niagara Framework environment.

The new products will be available in the first quarter of 2003.  

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