Press Release - January 2003
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Andover Controls Adds SNMP to Continuum™

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Industry-Standard Protocol Enhances Facility Management on IP Networks

Andover, Mass. - Andover Controls Corporation, a leading manufacturer of smart building solutions, today announced that industry-standard SNMP management is now available in its flagship Facility Management System, Continuum™. SNMP is a protocol widely used by network managers to monitor and troubleshoot problems on computer networks.

Andover Controls provides control and monitoring solutions for power, HVAC, access control, security, surveillance, and other building elements. Using SNMP, element alarm conditions can be directed to both facility management personnel and network operators so the two groups may coordinate an appropriate response to the incident. The enhancement also makes it easy for end-users to integrate with popular network management systems, such as Aprisma Spectrum™ or HP OpenView. This allows network managers to better ensure the reliability, uptime, and performance of both public and private IP networks and infrastructures.

"By adding SNMP to our flagship controllers, we give network operators visibility beyond the network elements and into the environment of the data center or central office," said Rainer Wischinski, vice president of Marketing at Andover Controls. "This new functionality is especially valuable to our customers with large and complex networks."

Competing solutions often implement SNMP management through a special PC or software on the network, requiring extra hardware and network traffic. Implementing SNMP in the Continuum controller itself allows alarms to be sent directly to necessary personnel without these additional costs and communications. 

For more information on the subject, a white paper can be downloaded at 

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