Press Release - March 2003
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Belimo's NEW Pressure Independent Control Valves Give Owners, Contractors & Engineers A Reliable Alternative to Conventional Flow Control

Belimo Aircontrols (USA) has taken flow control to a higher level with the new PICCV Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valve. This valve combines a differential pressure regulator with a two-way control valve, which may be supplied with a Belimo actuator for electronic flow control. Most important, the PICCV supplies constant flow regardless of pressure variations in the system.

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The PICCV is unlike any other flow control device on the market today. The pressure regulator absorbs pressure changes before and after the PICCV valve, so the differential pressure across the control valve remains constant. Flow also remains constant, regardless of pressure changes throughout the system. This is different from conventional 2-way control valves, whose operation can be severely distorted by system pressure changes.

Saves Owner, Engineer, and Contractor SIGNICANT Time and Expense 

A More Sophisticated Control

Simply put, the PICCV is one of the most sophisticated flow control mechanisms to hit the current market. Where past attempts at automatic flow control have failed, the PICCV excels. It's accurate, independent, and simple to install. It is designed to operate reliably over the full range of system pressure occurrences. All this, and the PICCV offsets its own cost by helping the system operate more efficiently, while saving the owner the cost of 3-way valves and increased piping.

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