September 2004
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TAC Offers UL-Certified Open System Smoke Control Products

TAC Xenta® Controllers Receive UL 864 Listing

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DALLAS – TAC, a world leader in Open Systems for Building IT®, security systems and energy solutions, announces that its TAC Xenta line of controller products are certified for smoke control applications by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), the independent, not-for-profit product safety certification organization. TAC offers the only complete end-to-end LonWorks®-based heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) management system to receive UL 864 certification for smoke control.

TAC’s Xenta product family provides a broad assortment of LonWorks controllers and LonWorks communications options with UL864 certification. Featuring an open, future-proof system architecture, these products include fire/smoke alarm reception, programmable controllers performing HVAC and smoke control applications, and smaller application specific zone controllers. UL certifies the Xenta products meet the reliability standards of UL864 for use in smoke control applications using a building’s comfort system. These controllers join previously listed legacy products from TAC, such as I/NET® Seven, in receiving UL864 certification.

The products covered by the UL864 Smoke Control Listing (UUKL Category) are intended to be used in an engineered system designed to manage a facility’s HVAC equipment and dedicated air moving equipment to form a complete smoke control system. This smoke control system operates as a companion to the standard UL listed Fire Alarm and Annunciation System which handles the monitoring and activation of devices such as smoke and fire detectors, emergency lighting, audible alarms and emergency services notification. The smoke control system receives a zoned smoke/fire alarm signal from the listed fire alarm system and activates an automated smoke control response within the facility. In a UL864 listed system, subsequent smoke control operations functions are performed from the Fire Fighters Smoke Control Station (FSCS), also managed by the Xenta LonWorks® controllers.

About TAC

TAC helps people feel and function better, as a direct result of improved indoor climate. This is made possible by TAC's concept of Open Systems for Building IT®, which utilizes information technology to provide clients with advantages such as indoor climate optimization, energy savings, flexibility, security, reduced expenses and user-friendly operation.

TAC is owned by Schneider Electric, the world's leading specialist in power and control. TAC has subsidiary companies and partners in more than 70 countries throughout the world. The company has nearly 2,000 employees and generated revenues of approximately SEK 3 billion (USD 400 million) in 2003. Corporate headquarters and European business activities operate out of Malmö, Sweden. Regional headquarters for the Americas is located in Dallas and for the Asia-Pacific market, in Sydney, Australia.


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