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Babel Buster Network Gateways: Big Features. Small Price.
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Articles - December 2020
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Future Building Operators  OT-technicians? IT-people? Developers? The Users? Or will the building itself running, AI?  Nicolas provides his perspective and comments/summaries of past articles and blogs

Bringing AI Innovation to your enterprise  With all the buzz around AI, where do you start to bring AI to make your company
to power innovation by the prescriptive power of AI - Sudha Jamthe

The Independent Data Layer  We are long past the point where we need to formalize a dedicated data tier that decouples a building's automation or management system from the downstream applications that rely on its data. Andy Frank Founder & Principal Novant

In Honor of Alex Trebek  As a long-time Jeopardy fan, the passing of its host, Alex Trebek marked an end of an era. Marc Petock Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring, Inc.

Put your IoT data to better operational use:  5 Key learnings from equipment manufacturers Elly Schietse - CMO Waylay

3 Rules of COVID-19 Workplaces: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility Published: November 12th, 2020 Memoori

CO2 Monitoring to Lower the Coronavirus Threat   There is increasing evidence that carbon dioxide levels in buildings correlate strongly with the airborne spread of infection. Consequently, CO2 monitors could act as the “canary in the coalmine” to mitigate the coronavirus threat. EnOcean

net zero carbon buildings a challenge This article excerpt appears courtesy of

Welcome to Connectivity Exploring the world of IT, OT, and IoT  - Stephen Dawson-Haggerty Co-founder of Comfy

Future OEM Software Business Models The phrase “shift to smart services-driven business” can be dangerously misleading. It makes the required corporate culture and business model changes sound almost tame. They are anything but. For complete article Click here go to Harbor Research

Smart Building Insight Newsletter signup Joseph Aamidor, Aamidor Consulting

Columns - December 2020

 Edge Next Wave  The next wave is coming with an artificial intelligence edge that if you are not ready for will knock you over. Ken Sinclair
NOV 25, 2020

Requesting Innovation  Innovation is a timeless ingredient, a necessary part of our successful transformation.Ken Sinclair
NOV 12, 2020

Columns - November 2020

Navigating Never Never    You are never coming back once you transform.  OCT 08, 2020  Ken Sinclair, contractormag

Mr. Linkair  We need to explore the greater diversity of all subject matter related to our focus  OCT 22, 2020 Ken Sinclair, contractormag

Articles and Columns from November 2020


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