June 2021
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Articles - June  2021
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry. 
 Please take the time to read their valuable articles and links.

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What killed the Dinosaurs? The AI-age!  Is AI over hyped when it comes to the benefits that could be derived when using it correctly?  No, quite the opposite, of course.

Don’t Be a Data Dinosaur! In spite of all of the talk, use cases, an abundance of smart technology, and smart solutions available today to take advantage of; I am amazed at how many data dinosaurs are still roaming around in the built environment.

Teaching Dinosaurs to Dance   Have you ever considered teaching dinosaurs to dance? The secret is technology.

The physical demands of the office are changing;  let’s change the human elements while we’re at it

A new way for Tenants to Engage with their Building

State of Property Operations & Maintenance Software
  A landmark study identifying key challenges and opportunities

Managing the new reality of work  Work is no longer a place, but now place-unconstrained

Energy Twin - machine learning SkySpark extension for energy consumption analysis

Why it’s time for commercial real estate owners to start the real digital transformation digital twins of their buildings

Celebrating One Million Niagara Instances:   It is Now Time to Upgrade to Keep Your Networks Healthy and Secure

Tagging Niagara Station Components It’s time to embrace standardized tagging to save time, achieve better outcomes, and future-proof your work for data analytics, machine-learning, and AI.

The Global Market for AI & Machine Learning in Smart Commercial Buildings

How Home Automation and Control Technology Has Started Upgrading the Lifestyle of Individuals

Other publications

Sinclair-Saurus posts

LinkedIn post on Trust

Digital Twins Morph to Triplets

Adaptation  Ken Sinclair, contractormag

Be the Change  Ken Sinclair, contractormag

Chose to Challenge
  Ken Sinclair, contractormag

Your New Vocation, Building Automation  Our amazing Building Automation Industry has always provided a very interesting fun (and financially stable) vocation
Together Apart  The COVID-zation of 2020 has created, injected, extracted, but mostly simply accelerated many new relationships.

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