March 2019

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Project Haystack Organization Launches New Marketing Website

"This new website demonstrates the growing acceptance of the value of the Haystack methodology,”
Robin Bestel

Robin Bestel
Marketing Manager
Project Haystack

Haystack New Website

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The Project Haystack Organization (, a collaborative community addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling and tagging to streamline the interchange of data among different systems, devices, equipment and software applications, today announced the launch of its new marketing website The new site, which went live on February 25th, features a modern and sophisticated design to promote the vast marketing activities driven by the growing Haystack community and focused on promoting the value of smart data and semantic tagging.

To date, the website of the Project Haystack Organization has been solely for the developer community, featuring updates on semantic tagging, forum discussions and activities of the Working Groups.

“Given the growing amount of marketing activities our community has been initiating in the past few years, such as our up-coming 4th biennial Haystack Connect 2019 Conference, our 5th bi-annual issue of Connections Magazine, numerous Webinars, exhibits and guest speaking opportunities at industry events, it was easily decided that we needed to provide end-user’s and new developers one place where they could learn more and find out how they can get involved in our organization,” said John Petze, Executive Director of Project Haystack. “It was important that our developer site,, remain just that.”

While establishing the value of smart data for building systems is where Project Haystack gained its traction and adoption, the Haystack methodology is not just about HVAC, temperature sensors, fans, meters, and building systems. The IoT, BIoT and the IIoT are bringing diverse smart devices into homes, high-rise commercial buildings, industrial facilities, factories and agriculture. The goal of the new marketing website is to help these markets see the potential as smart devices proliferate into solutions no one could have ever imagined even a few years ago, to learn who the suppliers and end-users are from around the world, and why implementing a data management strategy that includes tagging, has become so critical.

“This new website demonstrates the growing acceptance of the value of the Haystack methodology,” added Marc Petock, Executive Secretary of the Project Haystack Organization. “We had a record number of contributed articles featured in our latest Connections Magazine Winter 2019 issue. Now we have expanded the opportunity for the community to contribute articles, videos, promote webinars and events all related to Project Haystack and the value gained from this new abundance of semantic data.”
The new marketing website is at: The Developer Site, with information about the Haystack methodology is available at: The Discussion Forums can be found at:


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