March 2019

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Comments by Ken Sinclair
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Automated Intelligence with Autonomous Interactions

The term "AI" "Artificial Intelligence" seems to be troweled on top of everything these days. But I feel we all are a long way from its true definition.

Our industry is on a journey towards Automated Intelligence and that for now is the "AI" we are talking about. The interlocking "AI" Autonomous Interaction occurs when we start Automating Intelligence. It is early days but we need to learn how to walk before we can allow true "AI" to run our buildings.

Our existing buildings all need to be smartened, retrofitted as our now exemplary examples of Automated Intelligence & Interaction.

Automation is basically making a hardware/software that is capable of doing things automatically.  AI is all about try to make machines or software mimic human behavior and intelligence. Automation can or can not be based on Artificial Intelligence.
As an industry, we are still struggling with self-learning, machine vision, voice interactions which all need to be solid before we can enter the true world of AI. I love this definition "AI is whatever hasn't been done yet."

We are now in the exciting era of Automated Intelligence because we are doing what can be done with today's tools while leaving what hasn't been done for future definition of Artificial Intelligence. This issue does an amazing job of defining todays' tools ready to Automate Intelligence.

I feel our journey is close to that of the autonomous car,  a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and moving with little or no human input. I believe that we are striving to achieve  Autonomous Interactions in our Buildings. These interactions are part of what I am suggesting might be "Building Emotion"  with the automating of autonomous interaction with the inhabitants of our buildings. We have much to learn from Automotive industries reinvention and their developing transitions from heavy metal to people powered software companies.

I asked Sudha Jamthe of IoTDisruptions advice and she provided these comments

1. AI today is all about building the technology to capture what we do as humans and trying to automate it using machine learning to build models based on training data of past behaviours. Another industry term for this I see is "Augmenting Intelligence." It is about using AI to help us do our work better instead of replacing it. e.g. make decisions faster with a huge volume of data.

2. I like your point about the comparison with the journey of Autonomous Vehicles. I see autonomous vehicles as setting the vision for how vehicles will drive themselves and free us of the risks of traffic deaths and the cost of owning cars. But getting there is a journey which is more exciting for me because the car is not going to get there alone. The city infrastructure, buildings, parking, energy sources all have to become smart to interact with the autonomous car. That journey is going to create a connected world which I call the Driverless World. Read Sudha March article on AI.

Be sure to read Sudha March article  Intelligent Buildings with AI

This is also a must read Messaging as a Platform: The State of Human to Machine Communications.

Conversational user experiences, in the form of chatbots and voice interfaces, are overtaking many of the traditional ways in which we interact with machines.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]I have gathered more thoughts on our evolving AI journey in this review of the same name please give it a read if you wish to do a deep dive into our disruptions applying Automated Intelligence with Autonomous Interactions

Automated Intelligence is a continuation from our last month theme "The Dawn of Disruption"  and the sequel
Disrupting Disruption.
As an industry that will survive we need to be Doing Disruption not just watching and waiting to be Disrupted.

Want help on getting on our roller coaster and to learn how to talk funny like us? This is our starter kit,

Getting a hold on IT! Disruption is everywhere, open is on our mind and in our software & hardware. Autodidactic DIY is how we learn. Here are some resources to help kick start your digital transformation.

As always this new issue is a ongoing online resource of great articles, columns, reviews, new products, interviews and of course the steady stream of news depicting our rapidly evolution and journey to "Automated Intelligence & Interaction."

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Editorial from February 2019

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