May 2022

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  Comments by Ken Sinclair
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May 2022 - "Enabling Value by Improving Infrastructure"

We all have collective technologies that help make smarter buildings healthier, safer, securer, more efficient, and improve ESG.
The Value of our collective technologies is embodied in the infrastructure we provide, but we find ourselves explaining and selling our infrastructure not their ability to provide value.
We need to change our marketing focus and engage in the creation of the context for communication of our change and new value.


MondayLive! April's theme of Value in Context has focused that our industry context is important I was impressed with this resource presented.

The “What CEOs talked about” analysis highlighted in this article presents the results of IoT Analytics’ research involving the Q1/2022 earnings calls of ~2,500 US-listed companies. The resulting visualization is an indication of the digital and related topics CEOs prioritized in Q1/2022. The chart visualizes keyword importance and keyword growth:

As you can clearly see CEO do not talk about infrastructure only the resulting value or loss of value to their companies.

58 technologies that people working on IoT projects should have on their radar: 21 in IoT software, 21 in IoT hardware, and 16 in IoT connectivi Of the 58 technologies on the radar, only a few are classified as nearing maturity, fairly mature, or mainstream—many of them are still further out and will need time to reach mass market maturity.

In further discussion we concluded that these technologies need to be put the context of our industry for communication of our change and new value.

Block Energy by the Sea a May article written and painted by our good friend, Contributing Editor, and “Grid God” of the Past turned artist  provides this big picture view for our May Issue theme. Jack and I have combine 100+ years in industry. Since I am also an artist these days, my friend Ken Sinclair, suggested that I attempt to paint this energy future. The project, shown here in my painting, is on the Tampa Electric Company system, and was approved by the Florida Public Service Commission in 2021. Block Energy redefines the erm microgrid. It enables a complete neighborhood where each home is a nonogrid is deep in our own reinvention trying to see how to best to have the industry engage in the communication of our change.

I am very pleased with Our LinkedIn online group was created for discussion of our magazine created in 2010 Online Magazine Forum now has over 4742 members and has taken on a life of its own. I read the group with the same interest as everyone else to see what folks want to share what new and trending.

We all need a place to tell our story in our own words so the world knows who we are.

Feature articles

Answering the "Why" in a Value Driven Age  Marc Petock Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring, Inc.

It’s Time That Our Building Systems Interoperate   By: Marc Petock & Anto Budiardjo

The New Professional Service for Buildings...  Scott Cochrane, President & CEO, Cochrane Supply & Engineering  Contributing Editor

How can we create value together?  Nicolas Waern - Digital Twin Specialist

More changes coming to industry here The C4SB Coalition Activity Update

The Coalition for Smarter Buildings ( continues to make progress in a number of proactive ways as members continue to pursue the coalition’s Five Pillars of Action (Interoperability, Analytics, Specifications, Financial Models, and Workforce).

Working in partnership with Monday Live! and BIG, March 2022 saw the start of a Div 2525 collaboration project, now meeting weekly to develop specification language that would help consulting engineers, building owners, as well as contractors working on buildings to specify and engineer smarter buildings of all sizes and types.

Our May New Product Page and News Page both show the changes apon us

Our newest sponsor in this interview provides us all much needed "Alignment"

Patrick Gilhooly - The OAP (Ontology Alignment Project) is an open-source taxonomy that was developed by Buildings IT to model the built environment. The OAP uses unique codes that are based on Project Haystack tagging to model entities in a building, such as HVAC equipment, lighting equipment, IoT devices (such as sensors), spaces, and their underlying points.

The OAP (Ontology Alignment Project) 
 Patrick Gilhooly is a Customer Onboarding Engineer at Buildings IOT

Welcome our newest sponsors

OpSys Solutions Ltd is a building tech company that makes a cloud-based scheduling and billing system for after-hours HVAC requests. Visit for more info

Buildings IOT is a full-service smart building and building automation firm that provides end-to-end smart building contracting, consultation, technology, and services to the built environment. For more information visit

What is IOT Jetstream?  Rebecca Butler, Director of Product Delivery at Buildings IOT

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Contractormag my article archive, starting in 2017. Presents a pictorial overview of the topics we need to talk about. Ideas, links, and resources for these articles are evolved here.    

Now over 21,850 connections to my personal LinkedIn account where I posted all related industry information almost daily.  I am amazed at the global reach of these following folks and their diverse perspective of our industry. I am humbled that they choose to follow me as I depict our industry's evolution. Thank you all for your support.

Our LinkedIn online group was created for discussion of our magazine created in 2010 Online Magazine Forum now has over 4700 members and has taken on a life of its own. I read the group with the same interest as everyone else to see what folks want to share what new and trending.

My Twitter account also started in 2010 has over 1400 followers as well

Our online magazine was started 23 years ago before social media identities like, LinkedIn launched on May 5, 2003, and Twitter Twttr launched to the public in July 2006, were vehicles of how special interest folks could find each other. We are working to build bridges from our long online history of controlled blogging of ongoing industry information with these and other social media of the day. You can help as we see as a landing pad for information that needs to be shared with our industry. We never throw anything away and it always resides at the same URL.

The news just keeps flowing on our website and of course, the only way to find what you are looking for in the vast quantity of over 22 years of information on our site is with our site search engine

As always lots of new products, plus be sure to check our event calendar to see the number of events we have in our future.

Editorial from April 2022

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