August 2012
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Articles - August 2012
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry. 
 Please take the time to read their valuable articles.

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The Future Building Management System  The future building management system will change and reinvent what currently is a lethargic industry. - Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, LEED AP, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC

Using Data Analytics to Improve Facility Performance  A Path to Fast Financial Returns - John Petze, Principal, SkyFoundry

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Building Data - Nick Gayeski, Siān Kleindienst, Stephen Samouhos, John Anastasio, KGS Buildings LLC Team

Standing at the Intersection of Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics and Demand Management: Savings Ahead!  Dynamic demand management strategies that consider energy pricing and the actual operations of a facility through the integration of Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics enable large automated energy savings within defined comfort thresholds. - Kelsey Haas, Energy Management Coordinator, Ezenics, Inc.

Real-Time Energy Management Still a Major Priority  But because different sectors use energy differently, each takes a different  approach - Lisa West, Senior Director, & Stephanie Daly, Marketing Manager, AtSite, Inc.

New BASgatewayLX  Makes Modbus to BACnet Integration Easy - George Thomas, President, Contemporary Controls

APPs, AppStores, and what you should get  A good deal of the push towards APPS (applications loaded directly onto devices) versus browser-based was stimulated by the device vendors themselves. - Bill Shadish, Principal, Fundamental Objects, Inc.

Effective Energy Management With Guest Comfort In Mind - David Nowak, VingCard Elsafe

Strategic Acquisitions  in the Smart Building / Smart Grid Space - Allan McHale, Director, Memoori

Can Simple Payback Justify Building Energy Improvements?  It may provide some insight into a short-term project’s viability, but when used to analyze a long-term project it will most likely lead to overlooked opportunity which would have resulted in reduced utility costs and an attractive return on investment.  - David Schurk DES, CEM, LEED AP.

An Open Letter to BACnet Equipment Suppliers - Ken Nekvasil, FHS Controls/Kontrols LLC

Green Manufacturing Facilities Offer Environmental and Economic Benefits  How going green can reduce costs and be a powerful recruitment and employee retention tool - Kevin Jobsky, Director of Marketing, ICM Controls

Demand Management for Facilities Professionals  A demand management strategy is easy to implement and will yield savings on commercial electric bills. - Wayne Wiebe, Senior Vice President, Kenmark Group

Roadmap To A Successful Central Plant Optimization  Central plant equipment can present great opportunities for generating energy savings, not only in the plant, but also in the connected buildings as well as improve comfort conditions of building occupants. David Adams, Operations Manager, BEMS Solutions, Climatec – Building Technologies Group

Intelligent Building Cabling System Learn more about the structured cabling system and the subsystems that converge over the same cable infrastructure. - Steve C. Paulov Ph.D.

Wireless for Fume Hoods The energy savings – and environmental benefits – of eliminating open fume hood door situations can be huge. - Todd Hanson, Director of Wireless Solutions, Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C)

Columns - August 2012

Back to Basics – Part Three  A collection of short stories - Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

10 Social Media Tips for Trade Shows  Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a huge amount of information on them that can be used to initiate sales opportunities. - Manny Mandrusiak, Managing Creative Consultant,4 Bravo Marketing

Cloud Control and the evolving Cloud Control Languages "CCL" -  Ken Sinclair,

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